Requiem is the third and final mission in Operation Neptune of Medal of Honor: Vanguard.

This is a remarkable level where Sgt. Magnusson is killed and the player becomes a Sergeant.



This mission starts with Keegan, who wakes up in the morning, after a blackout caused by explosion. Magnusson wakes you up, but then he dies with a head shot, given by a sniper. The player must must invade the house where the shot came from with an MG42. In the barn there will be some more stuck paratroopers that can optionally be rescued. Later you will get to the bridge and regroup with other allies to inform them about Magnusson's death. The bridge will be full of Germans with MG42s. After clearing it, find a bazooka that you will use to destroy the roadblock on the bridge. After crosing it, you and your teammates will break into a the large Nazi headquarters, and finally defend it from various Panzer tanks and German soldiers by hitting them with Bazookas.



  • This is the third shortest level of the game, with only A Shallow Grave and Scavengers being shorter.
  • This is the first level in Medal of Honor: Vanguard to feature tanks as enemies.