Real Ops is a multiplayer game type for Medal of Honor: Warfighter.


Real Ops is essentially Hardcore from Medal of Honor (2010)'s multiplayer, albeit with a few differences, that can be put on any of the game modes.

Game ModificationsEdit

Real Ops turns off a number of functions.

  • Show Health and Ammo in HUD - OFF
  • Kill Cam - OFF
  • Show enemy Name Tag in HUD - OFF
  • Show Game Mode in HUD - ON
  • Show unlocks in HUD - On
  • Show buddy Outline - Off
  • Show Class Ability in HUD - Off
  • Show Minimap in HUD - Off
  • Show Obituary in HUD - Off
  • Show Explosive icons in HUD - Off
  • Show Buddy info in HUD - Off
  • Show Crosshairs in HUD - Off

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