Raj was a pilot in the Flying Tigers fighter group in the China Air Force, in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun.


He is shot down at the start of the mission "In Search Of Yamashita's Gold" while he was surveying the area. By the time Sgt. Joseph Griffin and the chindits reach the crash site the Japanese have already captured him. Griffin and Pfc. Tanaka infiltrate the temple and rescue him from a jail cell. His leg and arm are wounded during the escape while he orders that Griffin and Tanaka leave him, but he survives, and he is later rescued by Major Bromley along with Griffin and Tanaka.


  • Raj is voiced by Shelly Malil.
  • The uniform Raj wears for the Flying Tigers contains a blood chit on the back, staying historically accurate.
  • If the player earns the skeleton key in the mission, In Search of Yamashita's Gold and returns to open the chest they will unlock Raj's multiplayer skin.
  • In mission In Search Of Yamashita Gold, when player saves him from the Japanese officer, he is completely unarmed, but when his dialog finishes, a Nambu pistol quickly spawns in his hand. He possibly acquires it from the officer.
  • After player saves him, he said that he is injured, but when they need to find an exit of the temple, he can run about a same speed as player.
  • For unknown reasons, Raj seems to speak with three different voices/accents throughout the period after he is rescued. These moments can be noticed when he is first freed, any point prior to the end of the level, and during the ending cutscene of the level.

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