Raid on St Nazaire
Mohea raidonstnazaire
British commandos prepare to assault the docks.
Previous level Operation: Chariot
Next level Lights Out in the Port City
Game Medal of Honor: European Assault
Character Lieutenant William Holt
Team No. 2 Commando, Special Service Brigade
Place Saint-Nazaire, France
Date 28 March 1942
Objective Destroy fuel tanks, find V-2 rocket specifications
Enemies Heer infantry
Kriegsmarine sailors
Mohea mapraidonstnazaire

Raid on St Nazaire is the second campaign level featured in Medal of Honor: European Assault.

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Following a devastating surprise attack on Saint-Nazaire by members of No. 2 Commando, the local garrison is heavily weakened by an aerial bombardment from the Royal Air Force. Captain Beck directs Lieutenant William Holt, an American agent with the Office of Strategic Services, to take a squad and destroy a series of fuel tanks located nearby. In the process, Holt discovers a shore gun as well as an anti-aircraft gun, which he is given the option of destroying, and a German-occupied bunker which may be cleared of resistance. Additionally, Holt is given orders to find and eliminate the German officer Klaus Mueller and locate documents regarding fuel specifications for the V-2 rocket.

Once these objectives are completed, Holt and his team fall back to the HMS Campbeltown and regroup with Beck and the remaining commandos.

Objectives Edit

  • Destroy fuel tanks
  • Destroy German bunker (optional)
  • Find V-2 rocket specifications
  • Destroy shore gun (optional)
  • Eliminate Klaus Mueller
  • Locate and destroy the anti-aircraft gun (optional)

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  • This serves as the first level to incorporate multiple objectives, required and optional, as well as the first nemesis encounter.