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Raid on St Nazaire
Medal of Honor: European Assault
William Holt
British Royal Armed Forces
Karabine 98k
MP 40
St Nazaire
March, 27, 1942
Destroy Fuel tank
Matrosen, Heer

Raid on St. Nazaire is the second level in Medal of Honor: European Assault. It starts almost exactly after Operation: Chariot ends.


  • Capture German Bunker (option)
  • Destroy Fuel Tanks
  • Eliminate Klause Mueller (nemesis)
  • Find V2 Rocket Specifications
  • Locate and Destroy the Anti-Aircraft Gun (option)
  • Destroy Shore Gun (option)



The level starts off where the first level ends, onboard HMS Cambletown. The commandos' objective is to take out a set of fuel tanks within the docks, as well as clear the area out for extraction. The player has a Thompson and an M1911 pistol, as well as 4 grenades, but should swap the pistol for a Kar98k or an MP40. The player should concentrate on capturing the dockyard first, as it gives the player an area to rest in when taking heavy fire. A large building to the right of the Cambletown's bow is the player's first objective, as this allows the player to reach the interior of the map. German naval personnel will defend this area, but they are no match for the player's squad. Collecting medkits is a must, as the player's squad mates will need health to survive. Once the building is secure, the player is prompted to drop down into a large open area, dominated by two MG42 machine guns firing from a bunker at the far end. The best way to take the bunker is to lay down some suppressing fire and get then squad to advance on the machine gun. If they are attacked, the player should advance and recall the squad, allowing the player to escape unharmed as the MG42s track movement.

Once the bunker is cleared, the entrance to the bunker is round the rear, so the player should send his squad to clear any enemy defenders round the sides/rear of the bunker. Once the player enters the bunker, the Adrenaline Meter will fill regardless, and the player should only use it when he/she enters the underground section. Once the bunker is clear, the player advances up towards the fuel tanks, and is met by scattered pockets of Kriegsmarine soldiers armed with Kar98k rifles. The player should advance swiftly here, avoiding a long range gunfight where the accurate Germans have the advantage. Once the player reaches a room occupied by 3 German riflemen, then the player should engage with grenades and then dive round towards the fuel tank. The player's squad then tells Holt to set the charge at the top of the tank, which, conveniently, has a walkway leading to the charge, after setting the charge, the player should run down the steps and reload both weapons, as the main fight begins as soon as the fuel tanks are destroyed.

A hole is blown in the wire fence surrounding the fuel tanks, and the player should send his squad through into the open area with the bunker. The player should then keep the squad in position, and advance into the interior of the area, triggering the arrival of a train filled with German infantry. Once this arrives, the player should either withdraw to the bunker and use the MG42s there to eliminate the enemy, or call the squad up and take on the Germans from cover. Either way, the Germans should be defeated, and the player should make his way around/through the train to rendezvous at the Cambletown.

Optional MissionsEdit

Locate and Destroy the Anti-Aircraft GunEdit

This is the easiest side mission, as the gun can be destroyed en-route to the player's main objective. There are two routes to the AA gun: the first in the building that the AA gun is mounted on, the second coming up from the open area dominated by the bunker. The player should advance up towards the gun, and eliminate the enemy gunners with grenades and SMG fire. Once the gun is secured, plant some TNT and escape down the red tunnel to the left of the gun, as this way the player can avoid enemy reinforcements arriving from the bunker area.

Destroy the Shore GunEdit

Do not go to your main goal, go to the left will have several Germans fleeing from his squad, follow the fleeing Germans and plant a bomb in a Coastal gun, destroying the boats of the allies, if you go to a place beneath the port, the player will see his nemesis.

Eliminate Klaus Mueller/Obtain the V2 Specifications

Follow the tunnel beneath the harbor, kill some Germans, and reach Klaus Mueller and kill him. Then find the V2 Specifications near him.

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