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Rabbit in Friends From Afar
Nickname(s) Rabbit
Neptune Four (callsign)
Appears in Medal of Honor
Nationality American
Rank Petty Officer (Class unknown)
Affiliations AFO Neptune
United States Armed Forces
Status Deceased
Death Day 2 March 2002
Weapon M4A1, 870 MCS, PKM, M14 EBR, M60, P226, Knife, M67 Grenade.
Family Unnamed Wife
6 unnamed children
Voice Actor none

Rabbit was involved in several operations throughout the course of his service in the War on Terror. These include rescuing an Afghan informant by the name of Tariq in the town of Gardez. Upon arrival in the town, Rabbit is criticized for his taste in music by fellow operator Voodoo. First, Neptune comes across a checkpoint where they are informed that local Taliban forces have pulled out. Team leader Mother tells his men "keep your fingers on the triggers." They move further into town where they are ambushed by Chechen Al-Qaeda and Taliban. Rabbit and Voodoo get se Edit


Behind the ScenesEdit


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Rabbit dead

Rabbit's corpse.


  • Rabbit is presumably based on Petty Officer 1st Class Neil Roberts (callsign - Fifi). He took part in Operation ANACONDA and was thrown from his Chinook when it came under RPG fire. He was captured and executed before Army Rangers and fellow Navy SEALs could rescue him. Also, the Rangers sent to rescue Rabbit were also the QRF. Both of them also died on Takur Ghar (later named Roberts' Ridge).
  • He is called "Rabbit" because he has six children.
  • He is the first and only playable character so far in the Medal of Honor series to be killed in action.
  • In the final cinematic, Preacher take's Rabbit's lucky charm from his body. Ironically, Rabbit is the only character to have visibly carried a lucky charm into combat, and is the only main character to be killed.
  • During the mission Friends from Afar, when Deuce and Dusty provide sniper support for AFO Neptune, the player can slightly see Rabbit's facial features using the sniper scope.
  • It can be suggested that Rabbit is the team's designated marksman, as he carries an Mk. 14 Mod 0 Enhanced Battle Rifle in 'Breaking Bagram', 'Dorothy's a Bitch', and 'Compromised', and also has his M4 customized to allow for longer range shooting in First In and Neptune's Net.
  • In Friends from Afar, shooting Rabbit will have him yell "Check your fire Adams!" in Ybarra's voice.
  • On the PlayStation 3 version of Compromised, a Ranger model is used for Rabbit.
  • In First In, Voodoo makes fun of him for listening to "The Greatest Hits of the Hindu Kush", which can also be heard during the opening cutscene.
  • In Friends from Afar, Rabbit's face can be shown if zoomed correctly at the right angle, he eventually leaves after you've killed a number of Taliban fighters and is the first to disappear on the other side of the hill.
  • In Medal of Honor: Warfighter, during the final mission of the single-player campaign, when Preacher and Voodoo are about to breach the room where The Cleric is in, Voodoo says to Preacher "For Mother...for Rabbit", still showing that he (Rabbit) is still respected by his comrades.

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