Private Tomlin is a 101st Airborne paratrooper in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. He appeared in the mission Nebelwerfer Hunt along with Sergeant Harrison. He uses a BAR.

Tomlin AA
Appears in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Rank Private
Status Alive/KIA (Depends on the player's actions)
Death June 7, 1944

Carentan, France (Possibly)

Weapon Browning Automatic Rifle

Biography Edit

Private Tomlin landed in France along with Sergeant Harrison on June 6, 1944. He and Harrison assisted Mike Powell and Captain Ramsey in their mission to destroy german nebelwerfer enplacements.

The Nebelwerfer Hunt: Edit

After Powell destroys the German half-track he and Sergeant Harrison joins to Powell and Ramsey. Along with the squad he clears the destroyed city and church. Later on when Powell found the nebelwerfers he assist to destroy them. They successfully destroy the Nebelwerfers and then complete the mission. 

Trivia Edit

  • During the mission he can be killed, but if the player protects him well enough he can survive the mission.
  • Excluding Operation Overlord, he is not found anywhere else in the game.