Pistol Pete Showdown
Previous mission Midnight Raid On Guadalcanal
Next mission Singapore Sling
Game Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
Character Joseph Griffin
Weapons M1 Garand


Place Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands
Date October 14, 1942

For the transcript, see Pistol Pete Showdown/Transcript.

Pistol Pete Showdown is the fifth mission in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun.



  • Locate Lost Allied Patrol
  • Find and Destroy Pistol Pete Artillery
  • Rescue Lost Allied Patrol
  • Escort Harrison to Pistol Pete
  • Rendezvous with Martin Clemens
  • Escape across Final Bridge


  • Storm Pack Howitzer Emplacement
  • Save Harrison

Briefing InfoEdit

Locate the lost patrol and secure their demolitions supplies. Rendezvous with local resistance forces. Eliminate the artillery positions to protect Henderson Field.

Historical InfoEdit

The capture of the airfield did not end the fighting on Guadalcanal. The Japanese still had control of the seas, and a fresh force soon arrived to retake the island from the Allies. Entrenched artillery positions and hidden snipers made the airfield all but unusable.



Replay ItemsEdit


  • When you rescue Harrison, go behind the plantation building. Crouch down and move into the small pit underneath it to collect the machete.


  • After rescuing Harrison, run up the initial hill to the very top. Use the machete on the bushes to reveal a secret passageway to the pack howitzer.

Entrenching ToolEdit

  • After crossing the river, there is a save station by in the trail. A small pile of dirt is next to it. This usage unlocks the Men With Hats cheat.

Film CanistersEdit

  • The first canister is located at the top of the howitzer hill. Destroy the darkest rock in front of the howitzer and the canister is located inside it.
  • At the bottom of a small hill/path the player has to climb to get to the third Pistol Pete gun. It's quite easy to spot.

Multiplayer SkinEdit

  • When you find Harrison and the other POWs, run into the large building behind them. It's inside here. This unlocks Harrison for use during mutiplayer.

Trivia Edit

  • The aircraft at the airfield in the beginning cutscene are F4F Wildcats.
  • This is the last mission in the game to feature the M1 Garand and Thompson submachine gun.
  • Strangely, this is also the mentioned weapons 2nd appearance, making them the second least used weapons in the game.
  • Despite Dean and the other POW breathing when they're cut from their bonds, they don't follow Griffin, and just lay down. Either they are unconscious or dead.
  • Pvt. Thomason for some reason will not follow you after you clear the camp, despite him being part of your squad.
  • Clemens may sometimes not appear at the brook, leaving Silas or Keip to fend off the Japanese soldiers alone, and causing the Thompson submachine gun to not be given, although ammo for the gun will still appear.
  • The japenese soldiers will make the same two death groans after Griffin and Harrison arrive at the second artillery gun.
  • This mission marks the last appearance of Gunny, and the only surviving appearances of Thomason, Silas, Keip, Clemens and Harrison (if saved at the end of the mission).
  • On the mission's storyboard, the player was to use a cord to cave-in the second gun, and shoot the explosives pack to destroy the bridge.

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