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Long time no see, Jimmy. I trust you've been well. Shall we get right down to
 We've been getting bizarre reports from German civilians about strange noises
coming from a nearby castle.
 The castle has supposedly been deserted for some time, but over the last year
or so it's been home to an ex SS scientist.
 Since we don't have the manpower to divert any of the regular army to check it
out, and the threat assessment is very low, we've selected you to pay the
inhabitants of this castle a little visit, and find out if these reports hold
and merit.
 The locals have complained of howling, so there might be a guard dog or two
keeping the scientist company.
 I expect you'll end up scaring some crazy old man and his dogs, but who knows?
 Oh, and be on the lookout for the scientist's technical journal, which may
hold some clues to what he's working on.


                             Mission Objectives:
                             21:26, April 24, 2014 (UTC)21:26, April 24, 2014 (UTC)21:26, April 24, 2014 (UTC)Leather1974 (talk) 21:26, April 24, 2014 (UTC)
Total Enemies Neutralized: 63
[] Locate Journal
[] Find Panzerknacker Legs
[] Find Panzerknacker Arms
This is often referred to as Mission Eight, as it follows the sevenths, but it
is more of an epilogue than an eight campaign. The video does not introduce it
as such, it is more of an obscure X-Files-like theme, you also play as Jimmy
Patterson instead of Manon, and the game's box even only mentions seven
missions (although it says throughout Europe and you also have one mission in

Nevertheless, this is the hardest mission in the game. It is extremely easy to
score a huge amount of head shots in this mission, you will notice yourself.

Anyhow, as with the previous mission with the agent, it is kind of more fun
to play this on your own first to check out what is going on. It is rather
mysterious from the briefing and it is rather shocking when you play the first

All enemies in this level are dogs. Yes, dogs. No more Germans, but instead
German Shepherds. Maybe they meant them to be beagles like the level title
suggests, but I think it is just a pun as they do not like beagles. The first
one is easy enough to kill, use your pistol for that one. Then switch to the
shotgun and stick with it for almost all the level. As you turn around the
corner you will already see something weird happening, but fair enough, they
can dance. Kill them, one well-placed shot should take them out. Backtrack a
little and turn left into a hideout in the wall where a gate blocks your way at
the end. You can see more dogs below the bridge though, and shooting them from
here is a lot more harmless than going there later.

Go ahead into the tunnel and shoot the dog on the left, the another one further
up. Turn back for now and descend into the trench around the entrance. Collect
the supplies, then follow the tunnel to the castle yard. First shoot the dog
with the bazooka up on the ledge to the left, who often kills himself though,
then throw grenades onto the half-track to destroy it. Throw another one behind
the fountain to kill the three dogs there, collect the supplies and then
approach the window you hear a lot of barking from. If you stand on the first
ledge you can spend some pistol ammo on those dogs and not waste anything
valuable. It works well enough, just takes some time. Be careful not to stand
too close to the window as they may still bite you from there.

Back to the shotgun it is, jump through the window and collect the JOURNAL.
Two more objectives are added, you can probably make out what this will be
ending up as but more will be explained in the next briefing. Approach the
doorway to the next room but quickly backstep and aim at the next doorway as
a dog with a Panzerfaust will come around the corner. Kill him quickly,
ignoring the dog that comes running for now. Kill it next, then follow the path
around the corner. Kill the dog in the room to the right and then backstep and
turn south to kill the oncoming dog too.

Collect the supplies and enter the larger hallway. Turn left into the room and
kill the guard as you backstep to the start of the hallway. Wait for the other
dog to come running and kill it, then shoot the one that comes around the far
side of the hallway where the portrait hangs. Grab the PANZERKNACKER LEG in the
room and approach the portrait, turn left and take a quick shot at the dog with
the machine gun before running backwards into the large hall again. Kill the
dog coming from that dead-end as well as the one from the opposite side, and if
you did not manage to kill the trooper then it will come too of course.

Grab the supplies in the dead-end and then go the other way. Look down into the
library and shoot one of the dogs, then step back and wait for the second to
come running up. Go backwards down into the library and wait for the machine
gunner to step into the doorway. Aim in front of you until the dog runs down
the stairs as it is too fast to be shot on them. Grab the supplies and continue
into the next corridor. There are lots of dogs in the room to the left, kill
one and run backwards to kill the rest before they get too close. This can be
tight but is entirely possible. Another dog should be running down this
corridor as you walk along, then quickly kill the one with the Panzerfaust near
the portrait. It is the one on the left side. The other dog will run at you and
then one more comes from the room to the left. Look into that room to find
another dog, kill it, then wait for the second one to come running out. The
room holds an PANZERKNACKER ARM.

Two dogs come running around the bend in this corridor, then you will hear some
growling from nearby. Kind of scary. There is a heavy machine gunner on the
left at this junction, it helps to throw a grenade against the wall and it will
bounce close enough to kill it. This one is very dangerous, must worse than
those dogs that come running so make them secondary kills. Go right and kill
the dogs in this room guarding some supplies. Walk the other way and kill the
dogs around the corner, then throw a grenade down the hall where you see a
window. It will disturb the human-like dogs which makes the come from their
hideout on the left. Two of them are machine gunners and one carries a
Panzerfaust.Grab the PANZERKNACKER LEG and shoot the window with the pistol if
the blast from the grenade has not taken it out, then aim down to kill the
helpless dogs there. Drop outside and right immediately. If you need health
then grab the canteen behind this hedge first. Pass the door and turn left into
the path between the wall and hedge. Kill the Panzerfaust-yielding dog and
move along slowly.

Turn right at the end and shoot the dogs on the right before they shoot you,
then kill the dog and running towards this position. Shoot the glass of the
window if necessary, then I suggest dropping a grenade just to where the ledge
is to kill the dog running around underneath. You cannot step on this ledge to
shoot down as it is like a ladder, and you cannot aim while climbing. Getting
rid of the dog makes it easier to concentrate on the two dogs with weapons
inside. The blast often also takes out the other dogs if they lurk here, it
seems almost random.

Grab the second PANZERKNACKER ARM and follow the corridor. There are dogs on
the right side and left up the stairs, which lead to the exit of the level.

Rotten to the Corps (28 June 1944)                                   G0382
 Okay. So there were a few more dogs then anticipated. Perhaps this scientist
is not to be taken lightly. Who knows what other strange projects he's been
developing over the last year?
 But if dogs capable of driving half-tracks are any indication, it's important
that we find out.
 The journal included plans for a secret automaton project. We've no record of
any such project, but apparently it's real.
 The R&D division would love to get their hands on a prototype, and since
you've found a few of the pieces already, try to get the rest of them.
 They're bound to be scattered around there somewhere.
 Well Jimmy, be on your guard. Your situation couldn't get any worse then it
already is-right?
                             Mission Objectives:
                             21:26, April 24, 2014 (UTC)21:26, April 24, 2014 (UTC)21:26, April 24, 2014 (UTC)Leather1974 (talk) 21:26, April 24, 2014 (UTC)
Total Enemies Neutralized: 78
[] Find Panzerknacker Torso
[] Find Panzerknacker Head
At least the dogs are gone, but they are actually easier to deal with than what
is coming for you in the castle ahead. The elite zombie troops in green have
crazy strong machine gun, shoot rapidly, and explode when they are dead. Stay
away from their corpses. The knights are also upgraded from the previous type,
as they can take a lot of damage with their armor and dish out more with their
axes. Aim for the head at all times. Also, I am not sure why is suddenly 5 days
later in the game, I suppose that is a typo and you did not camp out with those
mad dogs for that long - not even Jimmy could manage that!

Seriously, each enemy you encounter feels like a fight for your life, as they
are so deadly with their weapons. The knights are ok, but the zombie can be
counted as end bosses times a hundred. You also have four types of weapons
which makes changing over a little bit of a hassle. The pistol is utterly
useless, the shotgun rather bad too, but the grenades will help out from time
to time. Soon you will get the SMG to use.

Walk along and look through the doorway ahead to find two zombies coming
through it. Use the shotgun to blast them away. You can pick up SMG ammo on the
left, finally a better weapon. Not much ammo for it yet though. Stay on the
left side of the next doorway and see the elite zombie spawn just around the
corner, quickly dispatch him, and if you are lucky him blowing up also takes
care of the knight coming from the left side of this room, but usually he is
already on the way through. You can try to quickly step right after killing the
other guy and shooting the knight to slow him as he draws closer, then the
blast will take care of him. Move on into the room and stay at the corner to
look around it. A zombie is on the stairs there and a knight next to him. The
knight is thankfully far away.

As you run up the stairs, you are in big risk of taking damage up the stairs.
There is not only a trigger happy zombie on the right of it, facing your way
and totally expecting you, but another one will step into the doorway any
second. If you do not take any damage here it will be very skilled. Outside the
door are two more guys, one being a knight, and this time he is not too far
away. Around the corner is another zombie, and you can hear a sidecar
approaching. Shoot it quickly as it will drive you over and also shoot of

As you head along the path, a zombie will run out from the open gate, followed
by a knight who often gets blown up for this reason. The same is true for the
zombie around the left corner, if you get the better of him fast then the
knight is not a problem and saves you ammo. Inside the gate is a health pack.
Staying indoors, around the corner are two zombies, one who may be outside (if
you go the other way you also end up here). Continue indoors and I suggest you
throw a grenade into the small room in the corner to scare out the two guys
waiting at the left wall. The knight may cause more trouble in these close

Now follow the path outside until you see an entrance on the right. A zombie
will run out from there and a sidecar down the road. Shoot the sidecar first
and avoid it as well, and then quickly kill the zombie and the knight that
follows. Inside the room is the PANZERKNACKER TORSO. Get the shotgun out for
the two knights around the next corner, simply to save ammo. If you do not feel
save with the shotgun then use the SMG, but the shotgun is generally just good
enough to kill knights in this level, as long as you aim properly.

Continue on the snowy path and get ready for a shootout with two zombies and
one knight. From this distance you can leave the knight for later, and even
pull out the shotgun when the zombies are dead, again to save some ammo. There
are two more zombies up ahead, use the corner as cover. Throw a grenade into
the building on the left in order to smoke out the knights, or just alert them
and waste them with your shotgun. I say grenades because you will get more in
this building along with some health. There are two elite zombies in the room
on the right up ahead, inside is only a picture of a "hot" babe on the wall you
can check out.

Enter the corridor on the right to find a split. The right has nothing, but the
left is a long room with a zombie and a knight at the end. Throw a grenade to
shock them, then follow up with lead. Heading deeper into the room will spawn
two elite zombies outside who will follow you. Turn around and waste them as
they run around the corner. Once you pick up the PANZERKNACKER HEAD off the
table, return to the snowy path and continue.

At the end you must go back inside, but take a long tour left as you do not
want to be sprayed by those bullets coming from there. When you kill the two
zombies, go up the stairs for some more. Inside the room on the left are two
knights who may pretend to be statues at first. Retreating down the stairs is a
good option, but shooting them as you descend the stairs is not, as you will
usually just hit the impenetrable armor. Find some good supplies in the room,
then head to the next room ahead but stay on the right as you can just about
make out a zombie in the doorway that continues south. If can shoot him from
here then you simply have to wipe out the knight coming around the right

You definitely want to throw a grenade through this southern doorway, wait for
a zombie to go for it and then kill him, the knight and another zombie coming
around the right side. Look down the stairs and aim for the left doorway as a
zombie will be coming through there soon. The knight tends to stand there until
something happens. As you reach the end of the stairs, another zombie will pop
up at the far end with a knight running in from the outside. Go there yourself,
then lob a grenade through the windows. This will either kill or alert some
zombies, then throw another one over to do more mayhem. Be alert for any to
come around the corner to see you. Use the pause menu to check if the counter
has gone up.

Enter the room opposite this balcony to find two knights and a zombie in all
the corners. Retreat and let them come out, then take care of them before
grabbing the supplies, then continue the indoor path. There is another knight
in the area, but he could be killed by the grenade through the window earlier.
In the large room is a health kit, but be careful of the zombie coming through
the doorway soon. A knight will follow, and three more zombies as you step
outside and quickly retreat again. Kill one and they blow up, but they are also
so tight together in this doorway that the SMG spray will do the trick.

Outside, first turn left and grab the health if necessary, or keep it in mind
for later!  Three knights greet you at the other end of this outdoor area. In
my case I used the shotgun as you can retreat so far back with ease, but your
SMG ammo count should be ok by now that you use whatever you like. Inside
again, quickly dash into the room on the right and wait for the zombie and
knight to follow, rather than fighting it out in the hallway. At the of the
corridor, look left and spot the zombie in the corridor on the south side. Kill
him quickly to cause an explosion and hopefully make the oncoming army much
smaller. Usually there are three zombies and one knight, but the knight is also
too fast for the explosion and often blocks your shot range. Very pesky guy.

Thankfully these were the last enemies in the level! If you need health now,
there is on the table right there. More health is where I told you just a
minute ago, but then you have visited most places with supplies using this
guide. I guess it does not hurt to seek for more if you really want to get that
excellent evaluation. Exit the level by approaching the door down the stairs.

I, PANZERKNACKER! (28 June 1944)                                     G0383
 Don't blame me! Who could've possibly expected that? This is getting really
bizarre, and I'm hedging my bets that it's going to get worse. Much worse.
 The castle courtyard is teeming with activity, and I don't think it's from any
of our four legged friends this time.
 It sounds like, this scientist has managed to come up with some tanks and
several of those automatons.
 And they're all looking to keep you from escaping.
 They may have you outgunned and outnumbered, but I've got an idea.
 You've got some technical training, yes? It might be your only hope. Take
those pieces you collected and put them together.
 With any luck, you may just make a friend to help tip the odds in your favor.
 If the two of you work together, you may have the fighting chance you need to
blast your way out of the castle.
                             Mission Objectives:
                             21:26, April 24, 2014 (UTC)21:26, April 24, 2014 (UTC)21:26, April 24, 2014 (UTC)Leather1974 (talk) 21:26, April 24, 2014 (UTC)
Total Enemies Neutralized: 39
[] Assemble Panzerknacker
[] Escape Castle
This level is in my opinion not as hard as the previous one, but some may
disagree. It not huge step up, that is for sure. I think the main problem is
the low clip the BAR machine gun can hold. Its 20 clips are hardly enough to
take out two enemies here, and if you are having trouble getting good shots in
then reloading is a killer. Your shotgun works against these guys too, but then
you should be close enough and actually kill them with one shot, else it is
just too slow. If you know what is coming as per following this walkthrough,
then it may just be what you want to use.

There are no enemies at the start to just run along till you reach the huge
table. This is where the real level starts.

The game tells you to press Action so follow its lead to ASSEMBLE
PANZERKNACKER. Panzerknacker (Tank Cracker) is a robot who allies with you. It
moves along slowly so you can take this level at a slow pace as well. This is
what I think makes the level slightly easier. It can take quite a big hit and
survive, but I doubt you will manage to keep it alive forever. The longer the
better, naturally. All enemies are also Panzerknacker-type robots. They carry
machine guns and act like the soldiers. In other words, just tough enemies that
look funny. Their appearance is, as you might have guessed, like the nutcracker

There is one in the room just around the wall, and one hiding in the niche with
the hanging meat. When those are dead, and they probably seem tough because
their superior positioning, move towards the end of the room for two
Panzerknackers to run around the corner. There are some great supplies behind
the meat if you crawl through this room, but that means you will let your
little friend go ahead and he will be in danger. Move along the path for now
and kill the two robots behind the wine barrels, then you can return to the
stash as your ally will wait at these barrels.

This oval room contains nothing, but two more guys will be in the doorway
continuing. Aim there as you move forward. Go through this small room to run
into two more Panzerknackers, then one at the end of the slightly longer
corridor up ahead. One more guy is waiting around the corner to the left.

This is where it gets tougher. the next room has two doorways. One is up ahead
and one to the right. Both will have enemies as soon as you step into it.
Normally you would wait around your end of the room and shoot around the
corner, but as Mr. Panzerknacker has better ideas and rushes ahead, he is most
likely a dead robot in a second. It is a shame that his AI is so badly
programmed, as this level would be much more fun if you keep him around a bit

All right, it is not impossible to lose Panzy, so let us try. Throw a grenade
into the doorway up ahead, shoot him trying to get it, then quickly shoot the
ones on the right. Your ally should be helping here. Forget the room on the
right and kill anything around the corner going ahead. Careful as one more
spawns here as you are actually at the corner, this is a little weird. If your
friend is still fighting it out with the enemy then you obviously want to help
him out back there for now, you are only going ahead because if he does it then
he is dead metal. Another guard should be running into your corridor from the
large room with meat hanging around. There is one bazooka guy at one end of the
corridor, he changes position from time to time so I cannot tell you exactly.
Now you want to backtrack into the room on the right you left alone earlier,
where two more robots will spawn when you enter. One of them has a Panzerfaust,
careful. They are guarding a medikit though, very useful.

If you have managed to keep your friend alive he will be in the large meat room
waiting for you. Continue through and shoot the robots up the stairs. They are
not ready for you which makes them easy targets. Run straight and be ready for
the one rocketeer stepping around at the end and the one peeking around the
corner. Look down the other corridor and notice two large boxes. Two enemies
will run around it, one holding a Panzerfaust in his arms, and as they are not
ready you should have an easy time killing them. This dead-end has supplies
including a health pack, then return half-way to the previous corridor where
some beds are. Crawl through the space but note that you can stand up again
later inside this wall.

Goodbye Panzerknacker, it was nice knowing you. Oh wait, it can follow it you.
Nice. As you reach the new section there will be a robot waiting for you in the
doorway up ahead and one more in the one on the left. Go into that one and
shoot the guards around the right corner, this is a dead-end though. Return to
the main area and walk straight to fight it out with more robots where your
ally is hopefully helping out. Go around the corner and shoot the one running
towards you, then continue past the crates and quickly shoot the ones running
towards you. This may be good for the shotgun as they are already rather close
and you can possibly stun them both with one shot, then take them out with
another one.

You have nearly reach the yard, and you can hear a tank outside. First kill the
two Panzerknackers one both side of the archway, then quickly run past the tank
so its machine gun does not have you in their sight. Whatever your ally is
doing it up to him, but of course he is hopefully out of sight of both this and
the cannon. Dump a lot of grenades to destroy the tank and then move on to the
castle exit. There are no more enemies, but you may want to run back to get
health now, if any is left.

There is nothing different if you ended the level with or without Panzerknacker
in tow, only that I find him most useful as a meat shield especially with the
tank in the yard. Overall a pretty short level. If you beat all the levels with
an excellent rating you reward is a neat Panzerknacker statue in the mementos
cabinet and next to the records box in the menu.

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