HNI 0038 MPO
Nickname(s) Nutcrake
Appears in Medal of Honor &

Medal of Honor: Underground

Rank Sergeant
Affiliations Wehrmacht

Office of Strategic Services

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Nationality German
Status Alive
Birth June 28th 1944
Death None
Weapon StG-44

Panzerknacker is a character featured in the original Medal of Honor and Medal of Honor: Underground.


  • It's Alive It's Alive Alive
  • Jimmy's New Partner
  • A Panzer Close Up
  • Jimmy Escaping The Castle With Panzer
  • Panzerknacker Aol Buddy Icon

The Panzerknacker is a robot soldier created by a mad scientist to help the war effort. In the original game it appears as a multiplayer character. Panzerknacker reappears in Medal of Honor: Underground in the bonus mission Panzerknacker Unleashed where Patterson assembles it to fight alongside him from parts found in the last two levels of the mission.