For the Panzergrenadier in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, see Heer Infantry.

For a similar enemy in Medal of Honor: Vanguard, see Fallschirmjaeger.

A Panzergrenadier is a type of infantry encountered in Medal of Honor: Airborne and Medal of Honor: Underground.

Medal of Honor UndergroundEdit


 In Underground, they appear in only three levels: Without a Trace, Tread Carefully, where they accompany a group of Panzer tanks, and Final Uprising. They aren't very dangerous but the ones that wield automatic weapons can be very annoying while fighting against the tanks. In Final Uprising, they also drive Sd.Kfz. 251 half-tracks.


Medal of Honor Airborne Edit

General description Edit


Panzergrenadier loading screen.

They appear at two levels in Airborne: The Opening and Der Flakturm (oddly enough to not appear at Young Fools right between these two missions) They wield a Panzerschreck and are wearing Erbsenmuster "pea-dot" uniform with a dark green helmet and gasmask with bright orange eyes. Most wear helmets, though some may only wear the gasmask. Surprisingly, they can take much less damage than the units that they fight with, which is strange for an elite unit.

Weapons Edit

  • Melee

Common tactics Edit

Te peguei

A Panzergrenadier shortly before knocking out a Sherman at Nijmegen

They are assigned a role as anti-tank infantry. However, they mainly focus on the player. A direct hit in normal difficulty is deadly, and the explosion of a non-direct hit will normally knock off two and a half health bars. Other than wielding the Panzerschreck, they are not particularly special.

Fighting against them Edit

To defeat them, simply take cover, and wait until they fire one rocket. If it hits the player's cover, the player may suffer splash damage (particularly if their cover is low to the ground), but by quickly peeking to the side and taking a couple of shots with any weapon will kill them.

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