The Panzerfaust is a German anti-tank weapon only featured in Medal of Honor: Underground.

First Panzerfausts were used in Russia in 1943. They were made of thin barrel filled with gunpowder whose ignition launched the warhead on the top. Earlier versions were notorious for often ricocheting.  

Medal of Honor: UndergroundEdit

The Panzerfaust first appears in the last level of first mission. It is able to destoy a tank in 3 to 4 shots,depending on location of shot. It's best to aim for turret or back. Enemies don't frequent to use the Panzerfaust, instead they use Panzerschreck, as in the first game. It's also a starting weapon in mission Last Rites at Monte Cassino. In level Operation Marketplace player has an objective to aquire a Panzerfaust.
Moh pzf-1-

Panzerfaust beign fired


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