The Panzer II (also known as the PzKpfW. II) was a German light tank used during the early parts of WWII before being superseded by the Panzer IV and later models. The Panzer II only appears in Medal of Honor: Underground. The Panzer II was used at the start of World War 2 and it played important role in the Blitzkrieg. Later it was used in North Africa and in the Eastern Front but by 1942 the Panzer II had been largely removed and used for training and on secondary fronts.

Medal of Honor: UndergroundEdit

The Panzer II appears only in Medal of Honor: Underground, in Mission 7. Gameplay-wise, it is basically a Panzer IV with a different model, but also has more armor (can take 5 panzerfaust shells to destroy), 2 machine guns instead of one and a much faster firing cannon.