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Medal of Honor (1999 video game)

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How To Enter CheatsEdit

Enter the following codes at the Enigma Machine In The Options Menu Go To Options Screen Then Select Passwords Then Enter Codes. ON This Wiki Page All Codes Are in CAPS Effects Are In Regular Letters


4x4 Firing Rate ICOSIDODECAmerican Movie Mode SPRECHENBismark Dog WOOFWOOFEgon New Uniform COOLSHADESErnst New Uniform ARTCRITICFelix HOODDOWNGame Werks Arena MACOOCOOGunther GUNTHERInfinite Ammunition BADCOPSHOWInvincibility Mode MOSTMEDALSJens New Uniform INTHENAVYJohan New Uniform TIREDJOHANKarl New Uniform SCARYKARLKurt EVILKURTManfred MANLYMANMission 8 EINSICKERNmultiplayer power-ups DENNISMODENutcracke New Uniform NUTCRACKERPicture of Adrian AJRULESPicture of Lynn COOLCHICKPlay as Col. Muller BIGFATMANPlay as Heinrich HEINRICHPlay as Helmut HELMUTPlay as Jimmy JIMMYPlay as Manon MANONPlay as Noah BEACHBALLPlay as Otto HERRZOMBIEPlay as Robbie ROBBIEPlay as Ulf ULFPlay as Wolfgang HOODUPRapid Fire ICOSIDODECReflecting Shot Mode GOBLUERizal New Uniform IKEANDKENRosie New Uniform WECANDOITSite-seeing Theatre SPYSCHOOLSpecial multi-player powerups DENNISMODETempramental Tocsin for already beat levels BRADALARMUnlock all Multiplayer Characters CAPTAINDYEVelociraptor SSPIELBERGView Development Team DWIMOHTEAMView Picture Gallery DWIGALLERYWerner Van Braun ROCKETMANWilliam Shakespeare PAYBACKWinston Churchill FINESTHOURWireframe Mode TRACERON   

Effect CodeUnlock All Doors While paused hold L1 + Triangle and press Square, Square, Triangle, X, Circle, Square, Triangle 

Mission Select Codes1:Rescue The G3 Officer RETTUNG2:Destroy The Mighty Railgun Greta ZERSTOREN3:Scuttle Das Boot U-4901 BOOTSINKT4:Attack Impenetrable Fort Schmerzen SENFGAS5:Sabotage the Rjukan hydro Plant SCHWERES6:Capture the Secret German Treasure SICHERUNG7:Escape The V2 Rocket Plant GESAMTHEIT  Unlock the Making of Movies CodesEffect PasswordMission 1 INVASIONMission 2 BIGGRETAMission 3 DASBOOTMission 4 STUKAMission 5 KOMETMission 6 TWOSIXTWOMission 7 MISSLEAGEMission 8 VICTORYDAY

GLITCHES  Full ammunition on new level.After beating the first level of a mission input the Infinite Ammunition code in the options menu. Then play the same level again with the code on. After you beat the level, when you get to the next level you'll have maximum ammunition. Repeat the code on levels that you have beaten, so when you go to the next new level you'll have enough ammo to last.   

SECRETS   Everything unlockedGo to the Options screen, then enter the password SMPSMDMILK on the password screen (with the typewriter). After the green flash, go back to the password screen, and enter URLINGAMBE as the password. You will be taken to the photo gallery. Go through the gallery until you return to the main menu to have everything unlocked

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