Opposing Forces
Helmand Valley 2
Appears in Medal of Honor (2010)
Country Afghanistan
Type Militia
Active 2002
The Opposing Forces, often abbreviated as OpFor, faction is the primary antagonistic faction in Medal of Honor (2010). They are based upon the Taliban, and were originally to be named as such. However, the final name of the group was changed out of respect for soldiers, though the official name of the organization is still used in the campaign, along with al-Qaeda.[1]


In multiplayer of Medal of Honor (2010), the OpFor are depicted fighting Python 1 in all of the game's maps and game modes. The Rifleman is issued with the AK-47 with GP-25 or PKM; the Special Ops is issued with the AKS-74u or TOZ-194; the Sniper is issued with the SVD or the SV-98; and all classes are issued with the Tariq pistol.



  1. The message from Greg Goodrich explaining the reason for the change

Minigun firing

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