Operation: Virus House is the final level in Medal of Honor: European Assault. It is regarded by many as the most action packed of all the missions, as well as one of the hardest.


  • Find and infiltrate the German underground bunker
  • Eliminate Von Schrader
  • Find Von Schrader's Journal
  • Radio airstrike co-ordinates
  • Destroy the three entrenched King Tigers


Note - The following walkthrough was done using the infinite ammunition cheat.

Night before, Manon informs Holt of the dirty bomb. Instead of London, Von Schrader intends to use the bomb on the Ardennes to destroy the US Army.

The level starts in a large trench, with the player under heavy fire and American tanks being destroyed left and right. The player should immediately switch a weapon for the bazooka at the far end of the trench, and move along the road, using trees for cover, until he/she reaches a rocket launcher. A King Tiger tank will advance along the road towards the player, but the player simply needs to fire the rocket launcher and the tank will be destroyed. The player then needs to advance parallel to the road, towards the location of a small bunker. There, a radio needs to be activated to destroy advancing German tanks and infantry. An MG42 is mounted behind the radio in a trench, and US soldiers are also in the area, taking cover from the tanks. The airstrike will eliminate the tanks, but the infantry should be dealt with using the MG42.

Once the player signals in the airstike, an objective is reached, requiring the player to destroy three entrenched King Tiger tanks. All three have TNT markers on the back, but the player can engage them with a Bazooka. Once all three are destroyed, German reinforcements will advance up the road behind the Tigers, but the player (and squad) should be able to eliminate them with ease. The path now goes round to the right, back towards the start of the level, but the player's objective lies on the other side of barbed wire, all but impassable for the player. Once the player reaches the end of the barbed wire, he/she is now vulnerable to the heavy German fire from the trenches and the King Tigers in the area. The player should advance using the cover of trenches, firing using the sights and peering round cover to engage enemy forces. Respawns should be avoided, but grant the player a respite from the combat. Medkits should be saved, and canteens used instead to replenish health.

Medal of Honor European Assault - Ending Scene01:49

Medal of Honor European Assault - Ending Scene

The ending sequence to Virus House, and the game

After the player clears out the trenches, the objective is located, but goes into lockdown. Another King Tiger tank can be found at the top of the hill, and should be destroyed using a bazooka, and then used as cover for the player to take down the Germans entrenched around the bunker. The player then has a choice: rush on ahead and complete the mission, or replenish ammunition and health. The latter is the best option, as the combat is about to reach a new height. The player has to enter the bunker with C4, but the player's squad don't, depriving the player of a major asset. The route through bunker follows a straight route, but the player can be hindered by the German guards, who will fight (and die) for every inch of ground. The player's main concern is eliminating Von Schrader, as there is a time limit, counting down until the bomb detonates. When the player reaches the top of the bunker, Von Schrader sends large waves of German forces into combat, against only the player. A door to the right of the combat zone (facing Von Schrader) is the best way for the player to advance, taking the player up the stairs and into the control room. Taking down Von Schrader is hard, but a couple of grenades usually causes enough damage for the player to be able to engage in face-to-face combat. Once Von Schrader is killed the player should rush towards the control console, and press the use button when prompted, to destroy the bomb before detonation. Once the button has been pressed, the mission, and game, ends.


  • While many players look down upon cheats, the infinite ammo cheat is very cowardly helpful in this mission, as it allows the player the opportunity to engage the Germans without ammunition worries.
  • The player's squad are less important in the final parts of the level, and so medkits should be saved for the player's use only.

Trivia Edit

  • Strangely, von Schrader did not keep his journal with him or store it somewhere safe in his command center. Rather, it was found inside a trenchline MG bunker.

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