St. Nazaire is the first mission in Medal of Honor: European Assault.


  • Locate Captain Beck
  • Fall Back to HMS Campbeltown




Holt is experiencing shellshock. A British soldier runs up to him.

Commando Officer: "Oi! Hey Yank! Ya'll right? They got our radioman. We need to call in the air strike. Captain Beck's already landed, he's got a radio, get to him!"

The officer runs off, Holt joins the commandoes.

Commando Officer: "Take out that machine gun!"

Holt and the squad engage the Kriegsmarine sailors defending the dock, using mounted MG-42s.

Commando Officer: "Defend our positions men!"

After killing an enemy machine gunner and sniper, a commando breaks down the ramp to allow the commandoes onto the dock gate.

Commando 1: "Go, go, go! Move, move, move!"

The soldiers spill out onto the dock and engage the enemy in close quarters combat.

Commando 2: "Come on men! Quickly!"

Holt eliminates the final guards on the dock and runs past the downed members of Beck's team, towards a green smoke grenade. He finds Beck behind a pile of crates.

Beck: "Holt! You're a sight for sore eyes! Right, let's send these bastards back to hell!"

Beck and Holt leave the small pier and return to the squad onto the main dock. A pile of reinforcements has replaced the defeated German guard contingent.

Beck: "Sledgehammer! Come in! This is Sabre! Requesting air support at coordinates 32847."

Commando 1: "Keep moving, we haven't much time!"

Beck: "We're bloody close!"

Holt, Beck and the commandoes return to the Campbeltown's deck.

Sledgehammer: "We're making our run now."

Beck: "Here come the bombers! Get clear men!"

Two RAF Lancasters swoop in, dropping their payloads. The bombs destroy the barricade, allowing access to the fuel depot, but one of the bombers is hit by anti-aircraft fire.

Sledgehammer 2: "We've lost the number one, we're losing power . . ."

Sledgehammer 2 crashes into the water


This level is a tutorial, so the majority of the time a player should spend on this is familiarising his/herself with the control scheme. Once the player exits shell shock, he/she should use the M1 Garand to take out enemy snipers and Machine Gunners, as it is more accurate than the Thompson, yet can still lay down fire rapidly. When the ramp to the dock is broken down, the player should run straight into cover, avoiding enemy fire, and then eliminate Germans using the Thompson, ducking round cover to engage the enemy and then hide when reloading. Using grenades is also recommended, as it grants a respite when the enemy concentrates on grenades instead of the player. When the player reaches Beck, he/she should pause and take a chance to heal him/herself, as German reinforcements spawn as soon as he/she reaches Beck. Defend your position until Beck calls in support from two RAF Lancasters, then start retreating to the Cambletown. The rush to the Cambletown should be easy, but the player should keep in cover and return the German fire when possible, then retreat quickly. When the player reaches the Cambletown, the RAF Lancasters appear and destroy the barricade, but one will always be hit, crashing into the water.

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