Appears in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
Affiliations Imperial Japanese Military
Status Deceased (Killed in Action)
Death July 17, 1944
Weapon Throwing Knives

Oomomo is a chef in the Imperial Japanese Army. He appears in the kitchen of the hotel during the mission 'Singapore Sling', in the temple near one of the sake containers in 'In Search of Yamashita's Gold,' and aboard the ship in 'Supercarrier Sabotage' in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun. He attacks the player with throwing knives, which can do a significant deal of damage to the player's health. He is very similar to the Nazi Chef featured in Medal of Honor: Frontline.

He is also a playable character in multiplayer.


  • He does not share a death animation with the Malevolent Chef, but dies like a soldier with a rifle in his hands.
  • He has higher health than a regular Japanese soldier, even though he is wearing civilian clothing.