Corporal Olsen was a member of 101st Airborne Division. It is visible in the first of the Bulge : Mission to Rocherath, and the final mission.



He participated in the Battle of the Bulge and was sent with his company to Rocherath. For a moment he found himself with the platoon leader, Lieutenant William Holt and his squad on a position. After the death of one his squadmate, Crockett, the German launched a fight in Rocherath. Olsen, sergeant Hall, corporal Jennings and Holt retreated to a building where was the captain. After repulsing the attack Olsen followed Holt and his team through the village. He survived the attack.


After he fought in the Ardennes. The captain ordered Holt, Olsen, Hall and sergeant Maser to break into the Von

ME0000587555 2 (Medium)

Olsen in the ardennes

Schrader's bunker. Although the German is fiercely defended the bunker and that many soldier were killed, they reached the bunker. This battle was a success for them.


  • Olsen uses a Browning Automatic Rifle.

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