Objective Raid is a gametype for the Multiplayer version of Medal of Honor (2010). It involves the Coalition and the Opposing Force defending and attacking two set bomb points.

The game runs on a 5 minute counter. The attacking team has those 5 minutes to destroy both bomb sites. If not, then the defending team is victorious.


  • Similar to Sector Control, enemies will often have IEDs or C4 charges set around the bomb points.
  • Players will often go to the opposite end of their field to spawn trap the enemies, no matter being the attacking or defending forces.
  • Players often will camp in the area surrounding the set bomb points.


  • This gamemode resembles the Demolition game type from the Counter-Strike series.
  • On certain maps, like Garmzir Town, and Kandahar Marketplace, the maps get a darker tone to the background, being the levels take place during dusk.

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