Sergeant O'Neal was a British commando who appears in Holt's commandable squad in the mission "Lights Out In The Port City" in Medal of Honor: European Assault.


St NazaireEdit

O'Neal was a sergeant in the British Army. He volunteered to participate in a audacious raid. The March, 28th, 1942, O'Neal, participated in Operation: Chariot. He was commanded by John Roderick, William Holt and Captain Beck


After reaching their landing zone despite efficient and eccurate enemy fire, O'Neal and commandos progressed to the city. During the raid, O'Neal was a member of a team of demolition. It was charged with the guardsman Bristol and Jamison to explosed a power station. After reppeling a counter-attack, thery advanced through the street of St. Nazaire to the power station. It is probable that O'Neal succeeded to embark because Jamison was successful. It is not known if he continued in the commando or as Jamison he was assigned to another unit.


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