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Needle in a Haystack is the third of six missions in Medal of Honor: Frontline.

Briefing Edit

Congratulations of your success in France Lieutenant, I trust the weather was charming. Unfortunatly we have little time for small talk as we have a rather difficult assignment for you.

Battlefield and politics are 2 words that should never go together but unfortunately Eisenhower, under pressure from both Washington and London, has approves Field Marshall Montgomery's Market Garden operation. It's scheduled to begin in less than a week. We are very dubious of the plan's potential for success, it's an extremely risky one but it could end the war by Christmas if it succeeds. Time is of the essence as we received an urgent request from one of our agents from the Dutch underground for an immediate field rendezvous.

He has stolen intelligence materials detailing a new German weapons project but got himself captured in the process. He was able to send us a message just before they nabbed him, he's been held in a Dutch manor house. This of course is where we turn to you.

We need you to make contact wit one of our field operatives in Holland, locate the prisoner and get him out of there. We need that information Jimmy, it's critical. Only our operative knows how to get you to the manor house where our Dutch agent is being held. The rest, my friend, will be up to you.

On a duel mission for the OSS and Shafe, you will parachute into the region and quietly meet up with a small unit led by a Corporal Barnes, who you might remember from your days at the country club, but more so you may have heard rumours of his stellar performance during Operation Overlord. I believe the last time you saw him he was preparing for demolitions training. He'll be tagging along to investigate rumours of German armour in the area and take advantage of any opportunity that may present itself. If anyone can do this Jimmy, it's you i wish you luck.

Levels Edit

The mission consists of three levels:

Plot Edit

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