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The Nebelwerfer is an artillery piece found in many of the World War II Medal of Honor games.

Medal of Honor Allied Assault Edit

MOHAA 2016-07-26 20-46-11-02

The nebelwerfer seen in MoH Allied Assault.

First seen in the mission Nebelwerfer Hunt where Lt.Powell and Cpt.Ramsey are assigned to destroy them. It is unusable.

Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead Edit

Returning from Allied Assault the Nebelwerfers are seen in the Ardennes. They are a serious threat to the player and his squadmates as well, recommended to neutralize as soon as possible. It is usable and an easier way to destroy the enemy Panzer Tanks.

Moh spearhead 2017-07-02 16-31-26-17

The Nebelwerfer in first person.

 Medal of Honor: Frontline Edit

It is usable in mission Rough Landing in Medal of Honor: Frontline. It is used to destroy a last German tank on the other side of a stream when Corporal Barnes becomes unable to reach it by planting explosive charge.

Trivia Edit

  • The Nebelwerfer featured in Medal of Honor: Frontline was modeled by graphic artist, Omaha Perez.

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