The Nazi UFO is an easter egg that can be found near the end of the level, On Track, in Medal of Honor: Frontline.

ET Goin' Home trophy

How To Edit

As soon as you reach Sturmgeist's Panzerzug. Rush out onto the train stations platform and look to at the far right area of the sky. The UFO will fly past the platform seconds after RAF bombers fly by.


A super close-up of the UFO.

The aircraft bears the Luftwaffe insignia and a swatstika on its lower surface. This easter egg is very easy to miss so try to keep an eye out for it. It is a gold trophy on the PlayStation 3.

Trivia Edit

  • The Nazi UFO is actually a reference to a World War II Nazi conspiracy. During and after the war, rumors had risen that Nazi scientists were secretly developing a new form of aircraft that resembled a "flying saucer".
  • If the Nazi UFO is spotted in the remastered version of Frontline, a trophy will be unlocked entitled, ET Goin' Home (a reference to the film, E.T., which Steven Spielberg also directed).

ReferencesEdit - Medal of Honor: Frontline trophy "ET Goin' Home"

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