The Nambu pistol is a semi-automatic Japanese handgun mainly used by ranked soldiers. It appears in all games of the Medal of Honor which are based on the Pacific War. Due to its unique style many were taken to home as a war memorial by Allied soldiers. The weapon is not as effective as the M1911 handgun.


Medal of Honor: Rising SunEdit

lt can be found in a hand of Japanese infantry, but most commonly is used by officers. It inflicts very low damage to player. The Nambu is used by Ichiro Tanaka in Singapore Sling, as well as Raj during In Search Of Yamashita's Gold.

Medal of Honor: Pacific AssaultEdit

In Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, the Nambu is the Japanese pistol of choice. It has an 8 round magazine, high visual recoil, and when compared to the 7-round M1911, and the 6-round M1917 revolver, has a higher magazine capacity and a faster reload, though slightly slower than the M1911's in return for marginally lower damage to that of the other two pistols. All in all, it is a decent backup weapon, though it is recommended to swap it for another sidearm whenever possible.