This page pertains to awards that can be earned by the player in the multiplayer of Medal of Honor 2010. They are divided into two categories: Medals and Ribbons. Medals can only be earned once throughout a player's career, while Ribbons can be earned an inifinite number of times for actions done in a round.


Icon Name Description
Distinguished Assault Ribbon Distinguished Assault Kill 10 enemies with Rifleman
Distinguished Recon Ribbon Distinguished Recon Kill 10 enemies as Sniper
Distinguished Specialist Ribbon Distinguished Specialist Kill 10 enemies as Special Ops
Strategic Warfare Ribbon Strategic Warfare Kill 6 enemies with stationary weapons
Demolition Specialist Ribbon Demolition Specialist Kill 8 enemies with explosives
Commendable Combat Ribbon Commendable Combat Reach scoreschain level 5
Distinguished Combat Ribbon Distinguished Combat Reach scorechain level 6
Superior Combat Ribbon Superior Combat Reach scorechain level 7
Fire Assistance Ribbon Fire Assistance Get 6 kill assists
Defense Ribbon Defense Get 5 defensive kills
Support Ribbon Support Get 5 savior kills
Retaliation Ribbon Retaliation Get 5 avenger kills
Marksman Ribbon Marksman Get 8 headshots
Sidearm Ribbon Sidearm Kill 6 enemies with a pistol
Martial Arts Ribbon Martial Arts Kill 5 enemies with a melee weapon
Grenade Ribbon Grenade Kill 8 enemies with grenades
Performance Ribbon Performance Finish a round in 3rd, 4th or 5th place on your team
High Echelon Ribbon High Echelon Finish a round in 2nd place on your team
Valued Asset Ribbon Valued Asset Finish a round in 1st place on your team
Tier 1 Warfighter Ribbon Tier 1 Warfighter Finish a round in 1st place
Most Wanted Ribbon Most Wanted Kill the same enemy 4 times
Objective Compliance I Ribbon Objective Compliance I Arm 3 objectives
Objective Compliance II Ribbon Objective Compliance II Disarm 3 objectives
Objective Compliance III Ribbon Objective Compliance III Secure 3 objectives
Objective Compliance IV Ribbon Objective Compliance IV Defend 3 objectives
Support Action I Ribbon Support Action I Kill 7 enemies with Artillery
Support Action II Ribbon Support Action II Kill 7 enemies with Strafing Run
Support Action III Ribbon Support Action III Kill 7 enemies with Air Strike
Support Action IV Ribbon Support Action IV Kill 7 enemies with Cruise Missile
Support Action V Ribbon Support Action V Trigger 4 Defensive Support Actions


Icon Name Description
Service Commendation Medal Service Commendation 1 objective attacked
Defense Commendation I Medal Defense Commendation I 1 objective defended
Objective Commendation Medal Objective Commendation 10 objectives cleared
Action Commendation Medal Action Commendation 1 enemy killed
Good Conduct Commendation Medal Good Conduct Commendation 1 savior kill achieved
Defense Commendation II Medal Defense Commendation II 10 defense kills
Effectiveness Commendation Medal Effectiveness Commendation 5 kills with primary weapon
Versatility Commendation Medal Versatility Commendation 5 kills with pistol
Support Commendation Medal Support Commendation 1 Level 3 scorechain acquired
Vehicle Commendation Medal Vehicle Commendation 3 kills with M3 CFV
Campaign Commendation Medal Campaign Commendation 1 round won
Rifleman Medal Rifleman 100 kills with Rifleman
Sniper Medal Sniper 100 kills with Sniper
Special Ops Medal Special Ops 100 kills with Special Ops
Tier 1 Operation Medal Tier 1 Operation 10 kills as Tier 1
Combat Medal Combat 200 kills with primary weapon
Combat Versatility Medal Combat Versatility 100 kills with pistol
Demolition Medal Demolition 100 kills with explosives
Stealth Medal Stealth 15 melee kills
Marksman Medal Marksman 50 headshots
Medal of Valor Medal of Valor 5000 kills
Support Combat Medal Support Combat 100 kills with M3 CFV
Heavy Ordnance Medal Heavy Ordnance 100 kills with Support Actions
Recon Medal Recon 50 UAV launches
Anti Vehicle Medal Anti Vehicle 10 M3 CFVs destroyed
Lead Defense Medal Lead Defense 100 objectives disarmed
Lead Force Medal Lead Force 100 objectives armed
Superior Service Duty Medal Superior Service Duty 1 day spent online
Distinguished Service Medal Distinguished Service 30 games won
Top Performance Medal Top Performance 15 Top-3 Finishes

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