Medal of Honor (2010)Edit

  • A facility in Yemen. This wedding has been pinging for months...we've got a lot of... - Mother's first words in Medal of Honor.
  • I just saved your ass. - After saving Rabbit, Dorothy's a Bitch.
  • Can your candy ass carry Rabbit's M4 - To Voodoo after he dislocated his shoulder.
  • You'll get your bird, but we wont be on it. - Mother in Neptune's Net.
  • Moving to the cave, we kicked the hornets nest here rabbit, lets get em.
  • Bullets or Broken Bones. Bones heal.... Let's do it!- Mother before jumping off the mountain.
  • This isn't how this ends. - Mother last words to Preacher in Rescue the Rescuers.

Medal of Honor: WarfighterEdit

  • Voodoo, were on shore, proceeding to target. Be ready at the extraction point.- Mother's first words in Medal of Honor: Warfighter.
  • No fucking idea Voodoo! Stand by!- Mother to Voodoo during the Tanker's unsuspected detonation.
  • Voodoo! Get to the secondary extraction point! We're coming to you!
  • Solid shooting, Preacher! - Mother to Preacher after the solid shot with the SMAW.
  • Good call.- Mother's phrase before breaching.
  • Ready?- Mother's phrase before breaching.
  • So much for silent. Go loud! - Mother after sending SOFLAM shells on a building.
  • English, asshole ! We know you speak it!- Mother after capturing Faraz.
  • That wasn't so bad, like picking up my laundry.- Mother after capturing Hassan in Dubai.
  • We gotta stop meeting like this.- Mother to Preacher after being captured by Sad Al Din.
  • Who are we? Ask the Somalian pirates, ask the men who hide in Pakistani compounds, they'll tell ya. We are the ones hunting the hunters. Seal, SAS, Delta, Grom. Were the best in the world. We fight the worst the world has to offer.... We are Tier 1.- Mother in the TV Spot commercial.
  • Your Mother.- Mother to Sad Al Din before he is eventually executed in Bump in the Night.

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