The Beretta Modello 38 or Moschetto is an Italian Submachine Gun. It was the official submachine gun of the Italian Army during World War II. It fired a 9x19mm Parabellum round at 600Rpm. It was produced for the Italian Army and police, as well as the armed forces of several other nations until 1961, when production ceased in favor of the Beretta Modello M12.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: BreakthroughEdit

The Moschetto is the standard submachine gun for the Italian soldiers. It's first can be obtained during the Point Carriere mission but only if the player dosen't picked up a MP40 earlier. It can be difficult to obtain it. The next chance is in Sicily where an Italian soldier drops one shorty after destroying the first AA gun. Later it's becomes a starting weapon in a few levels. It has slightly higher damage than the MP40 and higher rate of fire. It holds a healthy 40 rounds in it's magazine and an excellent choice for clearing rooms and killing enemies from short range.

Minigun firing

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