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Midnight Raid On Guadalcanal
Previous mission Fall of the Philippines
Next mission Pistol Pete Showdown
Game Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
Character Joseph Griffin
Weapons M1903/A5 Springfield


Place Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands
Date August 7, 1942
Multiplayer map Marauders At Midnight

Midnight Raid On Guadalcanal is the fourth mission in Medal Of Honor: Rising Sun.



  • Reach Landing Area
  • Reach Outpost
  • Destroy Ammo Dump
  • Secure Depot


  • Collect Intelligence Documents (5)
  • Destroy Generator

Briefing InfoEdit

Infiltrate the Japanese jungle compounds. Destroy their supplies and ability to resist the invasion. Secure the airfield.

Historical InfoEdit

Guadalcanal, a small island in the Solomon chain, became a critical battlefield for control of the Pacific; Japanese planes based there could cut the Allied supply chain to Australia. A small US force invaded the island under cover of night and faced their enemy for the first time in dense jungle and hostile terrain.




Raft RideEdit

Michael Floyd is seen standing on the bow of a surfaced submarine; watching Joseph and his platoon begin their mission.

Adams: "How deep do ya think this water is?"

Davis: "What's the matter, can't ya swim?"

Adams: "Shut up, Davis."

Davis: "You shut up . . ."

Jack: "Can the chatter back there."

Two Japanese soldiers wade out into the water from the right shoreline.

Jack: "Cover those banks! Get some fire out there!"

The Marines fire, killing them.

On the left, two Japanese soldiers wade into the river as another fires from the bank.

Jack: "Stop that scout!"

A scout runs away from a campsite. Joseph departs the raft to give chase.

Jack: "We'll pick ya up down river."

Joseph fights his way through a small trail, killing six enemy soldiers. He arrives at a small encampment. Gunny and the squad arrive to cover Joe from the raft.

Jack: "Let's go Griffin! Move it!"

Griffin gets back on the raft and it continues downriver.

Davis: "If there's Japs out there, I can't see 'em."

Adams: "I can barely see the front of the raft."

Snipers attack the raft from the tree branches above it. A sniper hits Davis from the right treeline. He leans over the side of the raft.

Adams: "Davis is hit!"

Jack: "Adams! Grab him! Pull him in!"

Davis looks at his squad in disbelief.

Davis: "There's something in the water."

An alligator grabs Davis and drags him out of the raft and under the water.

Adams: "No. Davis! It's pullin' him under! We lost him!"

Jack: "Keep your eyes open!"

The raft continues.

Jack: "Second squad's already on the beach."

The raft stops at the landing zone.

Jack: "Move out Marine! Let's go."

Landing ZoneEdit

The Marines leave the raft and run ashore.

Jack: "Griffin! This way, follow me."

They move in to a pile of logs.

Jack: "Somethin' ain't right here."

A flare shoots up from behind the trees. A Japanese bunker opens fire on the marines, killing Novotny G of 2nd Squad.

Adams: "Novotny's hit!"

Jack: "Griffin! Find a flank! Move on that bunker! We'll cover you!"

Griffin flanks around the hill, taking out several Japanese banzai chargers in the process. He clears the bunker.

Jack: "Second squad! Secure the beach! Griffin! Come on, you're with me."

The beach is fully cleared. An explosion opens up a covered tunnel behind the bunker. The Marines enter.


Griffin, Adams and Lauton move through the tunnel, taking out a single Japanese soldier.

Jack: "Griffin, you're on point."

Upon emerging from the tunnel, the Marines have to choose which path to take. The left takes them through a small campsite with three soldiers. The right contains a single soldier hiding in a foxhole. At the end of the path a sniper fires at them from a tree. They eliminate the soldiers and reach a small truck parked in the open.

Jack: "Vehicle. We'll do a hasty ambush here."

Several Japanese soldiers are hiding behind the truck. After they are all dead, Griffin mans the machine gun mounted in the bed of the truck. A large squad charges the vehicle but are quickly mowed down by the machine gun.

Jack: "Japs! To the rear! Six o'clock!"

A small squad of soldiers counterattack from behind but are quickly silenced by the Marines.

Adams: "I'll secure the vehicle."

As Adams stays behind, Lauton and Griffin keep moving towards Henderson Field.

They arrive at the outpost. A small contingent of soldiers are garrisoned here. Griffin and Lauton proceed to kill them.

Griffin and Lauton proceed through the jungle, raiding several different outposts and campsites.

Airfield OutskirtsEdit

Griffin and Lauton come across a large field full of foxholes and with a bunker on the opposite end. They set to work clearing the area. When it is done, they exit the area via a trail on the right.

After the bunker is clear, the two enter a cave and exit near another outpost. They destroy a large generator here. They continue on to the ammo dump. They clear a large building full of Japanese soldiers then move into the dump itself. They destroy a tank and fight across the field to an AA gun.

Jack: "Get on that AA gun Marine, and take out that depot!"

Griffin mounts the AA gun and uses it to destroy the depot, then ward off a counterattack of Japanese soldiers.

Jack: "Griffin, this way! Follow me."

Jack leads Griffin to a gate. Japanese soldiers come through it. After defeating them, Griffin and Lauton move to a small ridge. Griffin takes command of a mounted machine gun. A huge group of soldiers ambush the nest. Griffin manages to kill them all.

Closing CutsceneEdit

Jack: "Well done Griffin, now that this airfield's secure we can get a foothold on this island and start pushing the Japanese back. We're through retreating lad. America is BACK in this war!"

Tips Edit

  • There is fruit on this level that you can eat to replenish your health.
  • The tank near the depot is supposed to attack the player when they have mounted the AA gun, but if they attack it before that, one of the tank's treads will break; rendering it immobile. It will still attack the player however.
  • Due to fog and lack of light, it is pretty easy to get lost and circle around the same place in the level.

Save StationsEdit

  • In the cave after taking control of the bunker at the landing zone.
  • In a cave to the left shortly after the first truck ambush.
  • In a cave in the trail before the large field full of foxholes.
  • Follow the first cave in the path behind the bunker, it will lead to a path, at the end of the path there is another cave.
  • Right before the final gunfight on the ridge.

Replay ItemsEdit


  • A patch of bushes is on the left of the ambushed truck after landing. Opening it up reveals a T-11 LMG, ammunition and a field surgeon pack.
  • Upon leaving the outpost, there is an intersection. Follow the northern path to a small crate with a lantern on it. Remove the brush here and you will be rewarded with two T-11 ammunition cans and grenades.

Entrenching ToolEdit

  • By following the path to the east when leaving the outpost, you will eventually come to a two story building. At the base of this building are a pile of sandbags blocking a tunnel. Use the entrenching tool to unlock the "Bullet Shield" cheat.

Film CanistersEdit

  • When you arrive at the outpost specified in your objectives, there will be a crane. Climb the crane and at the very end of the arm, there is a canister. You can proceed to jump down into the truck for a field surgeon kit.
  • At the two story building, go to the second level and walk over to the pile of barrels on the edge. Jump down onto the crates and hop across them and back over behind the crates. Jump up onto the floor and receive the final canister.


  • It is somewhat odd that G. Novotny is among the allies encountered on the level as he is clearly seen being killed in the beginning of the level, Day of Infamy.
  • The Japanese tank faced in the end is a Type 95 Ha-Go.
  • The anti-aircraft gun used to destroy the tank at the ammo depot is a Type 96 25mm. The same type of gun can be seen on the aircraft carrier in Supercarrier Sabotage.
  • This is the only level in the entire franchise to have a character killed by a form of indigenous life (crocodile) rather than by an enemy soldier.
  • This is the first level in the game to feature Japanese soldiers armed with Katanas.
  • It is possible to keep at least three squad members alive during the rendezvous ambush if the player reacts which enough with killing the bunker gunner and charging enemies.
  • With the exception of Gunny, any surviving squad members that follow you after the rendezvous ambush with stop following you at the lone pickup truck at the end of the cave and will remain at that location while the player advances further with Gunny.
  • This is the first mission/level in the entire franchise to utilize the ability to use multiple alternate routes in order to complete the mission.
  • Davis and Adams do not appear on the raft if the game is played in Co-op, as well as the second squad of American Solders.

Glitches Edit

  • The ending machine gun trench standoff was intended to last until the player manages to kill all advancing enemy Japanese. However, due to a bug in the game's scripting, the standoff could last a mere five or so seconds (regardless of whether you have killed all of the enemies or not).

Mistakes Edit

  • In the Prima Strategy Guide for the game, it states that the skeleton key used in this level would unlock Joseph Griffin as a playable character in multiplayer. However, the skeleton key actually unlocks Tarver.

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