Meeting Greta is the fourth and final level in the mission Destroy the Mighty Railgun Greta. It takes place on the Norman Coast of France on June 15, 1944.


Meeting Greta

15 June 1944

I just got word that another ship in the channel was hit by one of Greta's massive shells.

You've got to hurry, Patterson!

Remember, look for the throbbing red boxes to place your demolitions charges.

You'll need to place four of them to disable Greta. They've been specially wired for synchronous detonation-- so as soon as the last one is attached, run for cover.

Auf Wiedersehen, Greta!


Jimmy Patterson is now closer to Greta. Almost as soon as he exits the small tunnel, he encounters and eliminates several Wehrmacht soldiers. He then comes across a side passage containing a few soldiers and two Gestapo officers near some supplies. Finally, he finds Greta, kills the men guarding her, and sets the demolitions charges, destroying it (objective 1). One last wave of Germans attack, and soon enough, Jimmy escapes.


  • Destroy Railgun Greta



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Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Panzer Attack + Ambientation

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Panzer Attack + Ambientation