Medkits appear in nearly every Medal of Honor game, with the exception of Medal of Honor (2010) and Medal of Honor: Warfigher. They replenish a certain amount of health.


Medal of Honor: European AssaultEdit

In European Assault, medkits come in two types - large medkit and canteen. The former is collected, and can be used at any point after collection, while the latter is used immediately after collecting it. An amount of these are given at the end of every level, depending on the amount of Squadmates are still alive. Only one is given if no squadmates are still alive, while four are given if all are still alive.

Medal of Honor: AirborneEdit

There is only one type in this game, and it cannot be used at the player's whim. They will always restore one of the four bars of health.

Medal of Honor: FrontlineEdit

Medkits appear in three types, Field Surgeon Kit, Medical Pack, and canteen. They give different amounts of health back to the player. Medkits can be found from ally or enemy dead bodies, in the destroyable crates and some in the hidden places. Canteens are very easy to find in some levels, but however, they appear to be replaced with Medical Pack in level 'Enemy Mine'  while Field Surgeon Kits are rarely found, although they are very easy to find only in mission 'Stealing the Show'.Player can also obtain health back by eating bread and give very little amount of health.

Medal of Honor: Rising SunEdit

It appear in different type of size and amount of health.Despite being easily spot in several mission,it also appear in different type of health like Pie, Donut, Sushi, Soup, Noodle and Fruits. but replenish very little amount of health.Only several mission where player cannot replenish his health and must fight his battle until the end of the mission.

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