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Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Edit

Name Medal of Honor : Pacific Assault , MOH Pacific Assault , MOHPA

Company (Game owner) EA Games , EALA (EA Games Los Angeles)

Kind of the game War Game - First Person shooter game

Storyline Main Character : Thomas Conlin (All in-game characters are real)

The enemy is the Japanese forces which attack Americans

Review Edit

Rating 5/5 stars

The game is about the War between Japanese forces (Japs) and the U.S.M.C. (United States Marine Corps).

This Game is excellent. You'll Love it and you won't leave it!

Single Player Mode

The game features an interesting storyline focusing on the main characters (Tommy Conlin, Jimmy Sullivan,

Frank Minoso and Willy Gaines)

The Scenes before every Mission Provide you a full idea about the story of the war as if you are reading the story in a book!

You can also give Squad Commands to make Jimmy, Frank and Willy interact with your actions, Those commands are (Covering Fire,Rally up,Move up and Fall back) and Conlin (The character that you'll control says them in different ways, For example, Conlin can Say "Let's Tighten it up, boys!" when you select the Rally (Assemble) Command.
In Addition, When you set Detail and Quality to High, The weapons will seem very good!
The game contains many special effects and excellent weapons as B.A.R., M1 Garand and Thompson SMG 50. with excellent weapon firing sounds and melee attacks.
The game achievements are divided into Medals and Hero Moments.
And The Best Thing is that Tommy has the biggest role in the squad, so you'll have a lot of objectives to do such as Planting Charges , Defending airplanes and rescuing wounded marine soldiers.

Don't Worry if you get a low health, you can call Jimmy (The Corpsman) to heal you, But Know that Jimmy has a limited amount of health packs for you and Know that Jimmy will be unable to get to you because of enemy or other reasons.

You'll play through missions in the many different places as Lunga River (Japan) and Henderson Airfield.

The game is very easy and also very interesting.... Bullets and bangs everywhere and Japanese surprises everywhere! Looking For Ultimate Action? Play MOHPA!

When you begin a new game, you'll play From the last Campaign and Die , then you'll Begin to play from the training Bootcamp until you reach the last Campaign Again.

While loading a mission, a slide show with background music will be played.


in multiplayer mode, you can select your class [Infantry, Corpsman (Medic) ,Engineer or Ammo tech)

and your weapon (You can't choose between all weapons in Corpsman,Engineer and Ammo tech).

You can also change your skin and call sign (Name) and be a soldier with Allies (US) or Axis (Japan).

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