For the full trailer, see Medal of Honor / Linkin Park - "The Catalyst" Trailer.

"An Elite Force. A Merciless Enemy. This Is Today's Fight. This Is Escalation. Relentless. Exacting. Methodical. Precise. This Is A New Breed Of Warrior. For A New Breed Of Warfare. This Is Tier 1."
— Trailer Excerpts

The Medal of Honor / Linkin Park - Teaser Trailer is a trailer for Medal of Honor (2010) as a teaser for Linkin Park's involvement with the game and its marketing. The song featured in their trailer is The Catalyst, which is the lead single of the band's 2010 album A Thousand Suns.


The trailer features cinematics from the game's singleplayer campaign, featuring various missions and characters in the game. The song, The Catalyst, is played throughout the trailer in small samples, mainly focused on the song's chorus. At the end, it mentioned that the full trailer it was teasing for would release on August 1, 2010, directed by Linkin Park's turntablist Joe Hahn (who has directed many of their music videos beforehand).


Developed in collaboration with U.S. Special Operations soldiers, Medal of Honor brings an authenticity and realism unmatched by any other game on the market. Wield the scalpel of the U.S. military by playing as a Tier 1 Operator, an elite warfighter that represents the pinnacle of U.S. Special Operations. Drop the hammer of big army by playing as an Army Ranger, able to bring overwhelming force to the front lines of Afghanistan.