The Medal of Honor - GameStop Commercial is an advertisement for Medal of Honor (2010) made specifically for GameStop, a video game retailer.


This commercial features Dusty, surrounded and outnumbered by the Taliban and Chechen Mujahideen, as he uses the M60 light machine gun to take them all down. However, most of the insurgents are taken out by the AH-64 Apache flying over the area, though. This commercial is meant to advertise the game's Tier 1 Edition, which features rewards such as being able to exclusively use the M60 in the game's multiplayer.


Be Tier 1 on Day 1. Pre-order Medal of Honor and receive a GameStop Exclusive code for instant access to the Assault Class Tier 1 Operator with the benefit of a visual distinction in Multiplayer. Also receive the M60 to mow down the competition online. Available for online and in-store customers only while supplies last.


  • The commercial is not at all representative of how Dusty is portrayed in the actual game.
  • This is evident with Dusty using the M60, which he doesn't use at all (or any light machine gun) in the game.