The Medal of Honor - E3 Multiplayer Trailer is the official reveal trailer for the multiplayer mode of Medal of Honor (2010) that was shown during Electronic Arts's E3 2010 press conference in June of 2010.


Partnering with DICE, Medal of Honor will deliver an exciting and adrenaline-filled multiplayer experience. From the makers of the Battlefield franchise, Medal of Honor multiplayer goes back to basics with heart-pounding gameplay, played in close quarters where individual player skill is the most important tool for survival.


  • This trailer features the HUD that was present for the multiplayer during the beta stages of the game, and most of its elements had been changed for the final game.
  • This is the first of multiple trailers for both Medal of Honor (2010) and Medal of Honor: Warfighter to feature a song by Linkin Park.
  • Albeit, the version of New Divide used for the trailer only has the instrumentals featured.