The Medal of Honor - "Leave a Message" Trailer is a trailer for Medal of Honor (2010) showing off a cinematic from the game's singleplayer campaign.


The cinematic featured in the trailer is the opening cutscene to the mission Belly of the Beast. It shows a group of 75th Army Rangers inside an MH-47 Chinook, which includes Jim Patterson and his squad. Throughout the trailer, a phone call is played throughout as Patterson leaves a message to his family, a wife and daughter, about what has been happening with him in Afghanistan and reassures them that nothing bad will happen to him there.


Leave a Message was crafted with three goals in mind: authenticity, respect and above all, a special nod to Steven Spielberg (who created the Medal of Honor franchise over a decade ago). How this was approached was to recreate the Omaha Beach landing with Jimmy Patterson, except now, instead of arriving on the shores of occupied France in the hull of a Higgins Boat, we have our Rangers arriving in the Shahi-Kot Valley in the modern day equivalent -- the CH-47 Chinook Helicopter. This trailer leaves a lasting impression on everyone who sets eyes on it, as it prepares players for an Army Ranger experience that only Medal of Honor can deliver. View trailers, screenshots, concept art and more that Medal of Honor has to offer through Tier 1 Central exclusively at


  • The phone call featured throughout the trailer was made specifically for the trailer and is not featured anywhere in the final game.
  • This is the first trailer for the game to reveal its release date of October 12, 2010, as the other trailers only mentioned Fall 2010 beforehand.
  • The official title of the trailer is named "Medal of Honor - "Leave A Message" Trailer and Beta" (on its YouTube page), as it made a mention of a beta coming soon at its end. This was in reference to the beta that ran from June to July 2010 after the official reveal of the game's multiplayer mode in Electronic Arts' E3 2010 press conference.