This is a list of achievements for Medal of Honor: Airborne. There are 46 achievements in total.

Icon Name Description Points Mode
Jump Training Achievement Jump Training Complete Jump Training 5 Singleplayer
Go Go Go! Achievement Go Go Go! Get pushed out of the plane in any mission 5 Singleplayer
Greased Landing Achievement Greased Landing Touch down with a greased landing 5 Singleplayer
Flared Landing Achievement Flared Landing Touch down with a flared landing 5 Singleplayer
Death From Above Achievement Death From Above Kill an enemy with a melee kick 10 Singleplayer
Jump Master Achievement Jump Master Discover one skill drop location in each mission 25 Singleplayer
Master Parachutist Achievement Master Parachutist Discover all skill drop locations in the game 40 Singleplayer
Crack Shot Achievement Crack Shot Get 10 headshots in a row 25 Singleplayer
Tick-tick-BOOM! Achievement Tick-tick-BOOM! Kill three enemies with a cooked grenade 20 Singleplayer
5-in-a-row! Achievement 5-in-a-row! Earn a 5-in-a-row 20 Singleplayer
Homerun! Achievement Homerun! Kill an enemy using sprint-melee 10 Singleplayer
Shoot to Kill Achievement Shoot to Kill Kill an enemy while moving in iron sights 10 Singleplayer
In Yer Face! Achievement In Yer Face! Kill an enemy by kicking a grenade at him 20 Singleplayer
Purple Heart Singleplayer Achievement Purple Heart Recover full health after being in verge of death state 10 Singleplayer
Pop-n-Drop Achievement Pop-n-Drop Crouch-sprint between cover objects 5 Singleplayer
Weapon Handler Achievement Weapon Handler Fully upgrade one weapon 25 Singleplayer
Weapon Specialist Achievement Weapon Specialist Fully upgrade five weapons 50 Singleplayer
Weapon Master Achievement Weapon Master Fully upgrade all weapons 75 Singleplayer
Cheat Death Achievement Cheat Death Complete any operation without dying 20 Singleplayer
Village of Adanti Achievement Village of Adanti Complete Operation Husky 15 Singleplayer
Paestum Ruins Achievement Paestum Ruins Complete Operation Avalanche 20 Singleplayer
D-Day in Reverse Achievement D-Day in Reverse Complete Operation Neptune 25 Singleplayer
Nijmegen Bridge Achievement Nijmegen Bridge Complete Operation Market Garden 30 Singleplayer
War Machine Achievement War Machine Complete Operation Varsity 35 Singleplayer
Der Flakturm Achievement Der Flakturm Complete Der Flakturm 40 Singleplayer
Complete on Casual Achievement Complete on Casual Complete the game on Casual difficulty 25 Singleplayer
Complete on Normal Achievement Complete on Normal Complete the game on Normal difficulty 50 Singleplayer
Complete on Expert Achievement Complete on Expert Complete the game on Expert difficulty 75 Singleplayer
Distinguished Service Cross Achievement Distinguished Service Cross Get over 1,000 kills and 500 Objective Points in ranked matches 75 Multiplayer
Distinguished Service Medal Achievement Distinguished Service Medal Get over 500 kills and 250 Objective Points in ranked matches 25 Multiplayer
Silver Star Achievement Silver Star Get over 20 first place finishes in ranked matches 0 Multiplayer
American Campaign Medal Achievement American Campaign Medal Be on the winning team for every map in ranked matches 0 Multiplayer
Legion of Merit Achievement Legion of Merit Get over 10 Objective Points in a ranked match 20 Multiplayer
Soldier's Medal Achievement Soldier's Medal Get 20 kill assists throughout a career in ranked matches 20 Multiplayer
Bronze Star Achievement Bronze Star Get over 20 top three finishes in ranked matches 0 Multiplayer
Purple Heart Multiplayer Achievement Purple Heart Recover full health after being in verge of death state 10 Multiplayer
World War II Victory Medal Achievement World War II Victory Medal Come in first place on every map in any game mode in ranked matches 0 Multiplayer
EAM Campaign Medal Achievement EAM Campaign Medal Play every map at least once in a ranked match 25 Multiplayer
Good Conduct Medal Achievement Good Conduct Medal Play 20 consecutive ranked matches without getting a team kill 0 Multiplayer
Presidential Unit Citation Achievement Presidential Unit Citation Get 20 Team Points in a ranked match 30 Multiplayer
Meritorious Unit Citation Achievement Meritorious Unit Citation Get 10 Team Points in a ranked match 20 Multiplayer
Paratrooper's Badge Achievement Paratrooper's Badge Kill an enemy with a melee kick 10 Multiplayer
Combat Infantryman Badge Achievement Combat Infantryman Badge Kill an enemy player while he is parachuting 10 Multiplayer
Pistol Whip Achievement Pistol Whip Kill an enemy with a pistol melee attack 10 Multiplayer
Human Flak Gun Achievement Human Flak Gun Kill an enemy player with a grenade while he is parachuting 5 Multiplayer
Weapon Virtuoso Achievement Weapon Virtuoso Upgrade all weapons in ranked matches 40 Multiplayer

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