Commander Masataka Shima is a high-ranking Japanese officer, and the main antagonist of Medal of Honor: Rising Sun.


He first appears in the mission "Singapore Sling" where he holds the Axis Summit meeting to discuss Russia's reintroduction into the Axis powers and the recent amounts of gold discovered in Southeast Asia. OSS agent, Sgt. Griffin infiltrates the meeting, but he was exposed quickly, and Maj. Bromley had to come to his rescue.

Shima escaped unharmed, and he later appears in "Supercarrier Sabotage" after Griffin and Bromley are captured. He tortures them for information and reveals that he has been keeping Griffin's brother captive. Pfc. Tanaka tries to save them and manages to free the sergeant, but he gets his throat slit by Shima, who runs out of the room as Griffin and Bromley escape. He then appears with Griffin's brother Donnie as he escapes with him in a plane. He last appears standing next to Donnie, another POW, and a Japanese soldier in a POW camp near the end of the final Letter from Mary.


  • He is voiced by renowned late Japanese-American voice actor, Mako Iwamatsu.
  • His appearance is foreshadowed by a picture found in the Philippines as part of a bonus objective.
  • Shima and Hermann Müller are the only main antagonists in the Medal of Honor franchise to survive the events of their respective games.
  • His character is available to play as in Multiplayer under the name Shogun.

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