Marwan al-Kalifa was member of The ASG who took hostages to the outskirts of Isabella City and commited the explosion at the train station, ending his life.

Isabella City, PhilippinesEdit

Kalifa captured hostages and took them to the outskirts of Isabella City. When Task Force Mako Opertives Mother and Preacher have sight on Kalifa speaking to Sad Al Din, who yells at him for his incompetence and shoots one of his men with Kalifa's MP-443. Kalifa is then wounded by Tiger-12's shot, he then escaps and is never seen again.

Train Station BombingEdit

Kalifa appeared again in The Train Station, Preacher sees Kalifa on the train, both look at eachother(as Preacher sees Kalifa with a bag/PETN). Preacher runs towards the train, but Kalifa blows the train, injuring Preacher and killing the civilians on the train.

Behind The ScenesEdit

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