Malevolent Chef
Appears in Medal of Honor: Frontline
Rank Military Chef
Affiliations Nazi Germany
Status Deceased (Killed in Action)
Death September 27, 1944

Gotha, Germany

Weapon Steak Knives

The Malevolent Chef was a recurring antagonist in the game Medal of Honor: Frontline. He was a German military chef. He throws knives and uses knives as weapons against Patterson and the Allies.


Military Edit

The chef first appears in the German U-Boat U-4902, his job being to feed the crammed Kriegsmarine soldiers. When American OSS agent James Patterson began his assault on the U-Boat, a personal grudge with Patterson was born. The cook just barely managed to survive and escape U-4902, and was re stationed in Holland with the SS, where he once again met James. After another encounter in early September 1944, he was finally killed when stationed at a production facility in Gotha. The malevolent chef was armed with dozens of steak knives and flailed them at Patterson when detected, not having a gun, as well as threatening him verbally. He appears more ragged and bruised every time you meet him.


Trivia Edit

  • The only way to avoid his constant knife throwing attack is by crouching. Taking cover will not protect you as his knives work like boomerangs.
  • A Japanese counterpart of the Malevolent Chef can be found in the missions, Singapore Sling, In Search Of Yamashita's Gold, Supercarrier Sabotage of Medal of Honor: Rising Sun at the kitchen segments of the missions.
  • When closely observing and listening to the chef when he is unaware of the presence of the player, he will begin to sing. The song that he is attempting to sing is actually an excerpt from the song, Ride of the Valkyries by German composer, Richard Wagner.
  • The chef seems to be a very lucky man, as he survives three of the four missions that he appears in. Despite being shot numerous times by the player.