The M9A1 Bazooka is a rocket launcher named after an instrument invented by a musician. It fires a 2.36 inch explosive shell. In World War 2 it was first saw use in North Africa and later upgraded versions of the Bazooka saw limited use in Korea and Vietnam. During the North African campaign the Germans reverse-engineered the captured Bazookas and the Panzerschreck was born. In the Medal of Honor series almost every game feature one of the versions of the Bazooka except Pacific Assault and Airborne where it's replaced by the M18 Recoiless Rifle and the modern entries of the series.

Medal of Honor and UndergroundEdit

In Medal of Honor, the bazooka is the primary rocket launcher, as the Panzerschreck is only in use of the Germans. The M9A1 is a very powerful weapon, capable of killing enemies within a radius of approximately 10-20 feet.

In Underground, the rocket launcher is only usable in the multiplayer game mode. It was replaced with the Panzerfaust in campaign, to make the player think and feel as if he/she was a French Resistance operative.

Medal of Honor: Allied AssaultEdit

In Allied Assault, the bazooka is usable on the fifth mission, and is available in multiplayer mode too. The weapon appears in the second mission of Breakthrough.

Medal of Honor: FrontlineEdit

The Bazooka in Frontline is a very rare weapon. It is only used during the final four levels. It is very powerful, and can kill an enemy in one hit in the single-player campaign.

Medal of Honor: Rising SunEdit

The Bazooka in Rising Sun is different from the one in Frontline. It is covered in a tiger camo paint scheme and is only usable in one mission. It is a very good weapon at medium range, as it can kill a group of enemy with one shot.

Medal of Honor: European AssaultEdit

The Bazooka is a common weapon in the later missions of the game. When the objective appears to destroy a tank or another enemy structure, large amounts of Bazooka ammunition can be found around the battlefield.

Medal of Honor: VanguardEdit

The Bazooka makes its first appearance in Operation Neptune, and later, in Operation Market Garden and Operation Varsity. It is very powerful, as it can blow up enemies with one shot, but is most commonly used to destroy the Tiger tanks, which can take 3 hits. It is absent in multiplayer.

Medal of Honor: Heroes 1 and 2 Edit

Both the M1 and M9A1 Bazookas appears in both games but the the M9A1 in both games incorrectly labeled "Panzerschrek". In Heroes the M1 is a rare weapon only can be found in a few levels. The M9A1 is appears as well and can be seen carried by SS Soldiers. They are a serious threat and advised to eliminate them as soon as possible. Both Bazookas uses the same models from European Assault and the sounds as well. In Heroes 2 the M9A1 Bazooka appears in the second level of the game. The M1 only available in the multiplayer for the allied soldiers while the M9A1 for the Axis soldiers. 


  • In Rising Sun‘s multiplayer, the Bazooka has different animations for both first-person and third-person view. The player is seen holding it with one hand in first-person perspective but was held as if it has a grip on third-person perspective. Also, the bazooka reused the rifle's melee animation on third-person view. The same goes to reloading animations.
  • The Allied Assault Bazooka is the original M1 Bazooka, as it has 2 wooden fore grips; the M1A1 would eliminate one of them, and the M9 series and beyond would use a noticeably new design.

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