The Beretta M9 is an Italian-designed handgun used in Medal of Honor (2010).


The M9 in singleplayer has well-defined ironsights, a fifteen-round magazine, and a high firecap. It's damage is low, but its fire-rate and lack of recoil compensate for that disadvantage. In addition, it has infinite backup ammunition. It is the only pistol, out of the three available in Campaign, to not have a silencer. It is Dante Adams' pistol of choice.


The M9 is the sidearm for coalition forces in multiplayer. This weapon has well-defined iron sights, low recoil, high damage, and a very high firecap. It's magazine is fairly small, but its high damage can allow it to get four kills per magazine in close quarters. As a weapon of last resort, it is very effective.


  • The multiplayer model, firing sound, and animations are identical to that of the M9 of the game Battlefield: Bad Company 2. This is because DICE (the developers of the Battlefield franchise) had also designed Medal of Honor's multiplayer.

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