The M3 Stuart tank in real life.

The M3A1 Stuart, commonly known as just the "M3" or the "Stuart" is an American light tank.

Background Edit

The Stuart saw action in the Philippines, Guadalcanal, North Africa, and to a lesser extent, Western Europe. The Stuart is armed with a 37mm canon, and three 7.5mm Machine guns.

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun Edit

The M3 Stuart makes its first appearance on the level, Fall of the Philippines, in which Joseph Griffin manages to repair one by reattaching a missing gear to its belt. The light tank is driven by Donald Griffin with gunnery sergeant, Jack Lauton, riding in the turret. The tank is first attacked by suicidal Japanese troops with pole mines, and occasionally, Zero Fighters would attempt to strafe it as it pushes through the city to a church tower in order to recover a lone demolition truck. At the end of the mission, the tank is surrounded by enemy troops, thus leading to Donnie Griffin's capture.

The only other occurrence in which an M3 Stuart is encountered is in the opening cutscene of the level, Pistol Pete Showdown.

Medal of Honor: Pacific AssaultEdit

The M3 Stuart appears briefly in Guadalcanal.

M3 Stuart

M3A1 Stuart as it appears in Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault.

Appearances Edit


Medal of Honor: Rising SunEdit

  • At the beginning of the level, Lauton says that the tank "Is on it's last legs" even so, it still manages to withstand the attacks listed above.
  • When Lauton and Donny get in the tank, they appear to be the only ones getting in. However, when Lauton gets out, and Donny is standing on the turret, there is apparently nobody driving. Even so, the tank still moves.
  • It is possible to jump on the tank turret, but it requires several tries to jump. Oddly, the tank will not move if the player is on the tank.

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