The M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System (SASS) is the U.S. Army's latest medium caliber sniper rifle. It shoots a 7.62x51mm NATO which is also used by the Mk 14 EBR . Designed by Eugene Stoner and manufactured by Knight's Armament Company it is based off of the M-16 and SR-25 . The M110 SASS is the United States Army version while the Navy and Marine Corps uses the Mk 11 Mod 0 Sniper Weapon System .


High capacity, quick change magazines enable ammo selection optimization in both the suppressed and unsuppressed firing modes. The semi-automatic firing M110 has increased rate of fire, precision and lethality against personnel and light material targets, especially in target rich environments and scenarios requiring multiple follow-up shots. The SASS is also the first U.S. Army weapon system that integrates an optimized quick attach/detach sound suppressor to aid with Warfighters survivability by reducing weapon firing signature.

In GameEdit

The M110 is seen as a secondary weapon used by both Deuce and Dusty in the Wolfpack missions. It is equipped with a sound suppressor and sniper scope. It seems to have a kind of tan paint. It is never seen outside of the AFO Wolfpack missions. It is also never used in multiplayer. However, it is powerful enough to kill in one body shot.


  • The M110 in the game is anachronistic as it was used in service since 2008. The game takes place in 2002.
  • The rifle wasn't favored by SOF Operators because of its tendency to break: e.g. The trigger mechanism tend to break while firing which will cause the gun to go full automatic on the target.

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