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Lights out in the Port City
Lights Out
Medal of Honor: European Assault
Lt William Holt
British Armed Forces of the Crown
Thompson, MP-40, Karabiner 98 Kurz
St Nazaire
Probably March, 28th, 1942
*Eliminate German Infantry Unit
  • Eliminate Horst Brenner
  • Destroy 3 V2 Rocket Hulls
  • Uncover V2 Rocket Equipment
  • Locate and Destroy German U-Boot

Lights out in the Port City is the third mission of the Saint Nazaire campaign featured in Medal of Honor: European Assault.


You start the level, injured in a house. The player must go capture a German port, destroy a bunker and three V2 rockets, and destroy a German submarine.

Still following your squad mates to the next objective, go to the large house, plant bombs on three machines, then quickly leave the house, and find the detonator of the bomb, use it, and the bombs will explode.


  • Before entering the big house, be very careful with the MG42, use a submachine gun



The British objectives were achieved despite the losses of 3 men at the beginning of the attack. Many German soldiers were killed and their presence has decreased in St Nazaire. However, a group of commandos is definitively blocked in St nazaire.

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