Lights Out in the Port City
Mohea loadinglightsoutintheportcity
The in-game loading screen.
Previous level Raid on St Nazaire
Next level Escape at Dawn
Game Medal of Honor: European Assault
Character Lieutenant William Holt
Team No. 2 Commando, Special Service Brigade
Place Saint-Nazaire, France
Date 28 March 1942
Enemies Heer infantry
Kriegsmarine sailors
Mohea maplightsoutintheportcity

Lights Out in the Port City is the third campaign level featured in Medal of Honor: European Assault.

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Following a devastating surprise attack on Saint-Nazaire by members of No. 2 Commando, the local garrison is heavily weakened following an aerial bombardment from the Royal Air Force and the destruction of a number of fuel tanks. The surviving commandos, led by Lieutenant Roderick, have taken shelter in the former German headquarters when they come under fire during a German counter-attack. Lieutenant William Holt, an American agent with the Office of Strategic Services, assists in fending off the Wehrmacht troops. He then joins with Sergeant O'Neal and a number of other commandos as they assault a nearby power plant and then place explosive charges on numerous generators, destroying the facility. Additionally, Holt must kill the German officer Horst Brenner and retrieve additional information on the V-2 rocket. In the process of completing these objectives, Holt is given the option of eliminating a nearby German infantry unit, destroying V-2 rocket hulls, and locating and destroying a German U-boat docked in the harbour.

Once these objectives are complete, Holt and the commandos rendezvous and prepare to fight their way through the town of Saint-Nazaire in an effort to escape into the French countryside.

Objectives Edit

  • Destroy the power station
  • Eliminate German infantry unit (optional)
  • Eliminate Horst Brenner
  • Destroy three V-2 rocket hulls (optional)
  • Uncover V-2 rocket equipment blueprint
  • Locate and destroy German U-boat (optional)

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