Lighting the Torch is the fourth level in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, and the last level in the mission Lighting the Torch.


Lighting the Torch - Algeria, North Africa
November 7, 1942.

Good work on sabotaging the motorpool. I hope you've had some rest during the drive down the coast, because you're not done yet. Your final target is a radar tracking station built into the side of a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean. This station can direct intense fire onto the fleet from distant coastal gun batteries. Destroying that station will render those guns blind and useless, allowing the fleet to sail in unchallenged.

Grillo will drive while you operate the .30 cal machine gun at the back of the jeep. The station is located next to a desert airstrip, where you should destroy a squadron of Stuka dive-bombers stationed there, and any other targets of opportunity. Then enter the radar station and destroy the sensitive radar equipment - just shoot the controls out. Head down to the seawall and fight your way into the lighthouse at its end. Give our fleet the "all clear" signal by activating the lamp. Once that's taken care of, rendezvous with Major Grillo at the foot of the lighthouse for extraction.

With any luck, we'll force Rommel and the Afrika Korps out of North Africa soon enough.

Stanley Hargrove
Colonel, U. S. Army,


  • Reach the airfield.
  • Destroy the aircraft.
  • Destroy all communications equipment.
  • Make your way to the lighthouse.
  • Signal the fleet with the lighthouse beacon.
  • Meet up with Major Grillo in the truck and escape.




  • Jeep .30 Cal (Mounted)


  • You can pick up a box of machinegun bullets in the station, even though there's not a single machinegun you can use in the mission.

Background music Edit

  • "Attack on Fort Schmerzen" (Parts 1 and 2, MoH soundtrack)
  • "Ascent to the Castle" (Part 3, MoH: Underground soundtrack)