The Kriegsmarine was the navy of Nazi Germany during World War II. The Kriegsmarine featured in several Medal of Honor games as an enemy force.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Edit

Kriegsmarine's appear in the second mission. In the U-Boat pen kriegsmarine forces can be seen on-board the U-Boats and outside of it guarding the area. They usually salute to the player, when it's undercover, and they dosen't check your ID papers. They commonly use MP-40's and Kar98k's

Medal of Honor: FrontlineEdit

Kriegsmarine forces appear for the first time in the mission Special Cargo, in which James Patterson must make his way through a U-Boat that is heading towards the docks of St. Lorient.

The Kriegsmarine was in charge of the secret project headed by Rudolf Ulbricht Von Sturmgeist, but later the project was transferred to the facilities in Sturmgeist's secret Gotha base. 

Medal of Honor: European AssaultEdit

Kriegsmarine forces featured in European Assault's first level as the main enemy force. In the second level a few Kriegsmarine soldiers can be spotted around the map but they're mostly replaced by Wehrmacht Infantry.

Medal of Honor: Heroes Edit

The Kriegsmarine featured in Medal of Honor: Heroes as an unlockable skirmish/multiplayer character. It is unlocked by obtaining the rank of specialist. It's model is re-used from European Assault.