Master Sergeant Kelso was a soldier in the 1st British Airbourne Division and a character in Medal of Honor: Frontline.



During Operation Market Garden, Kelso's squad was attacked relentlessly by German soldiers and Panzers in the city of Arnhem, Holland, but they held out until supplies ran dangerously low. To help, the American Office of Strategic Services sent Lt. Jimmy Patterson to Arnhem, in an urgent mission to deliver the 1st Airbourne their supplies. Upon Patterson's arrival, Kelso provided cover fire for him while he knocked out German tanks and finally making it to the Customs house, where Patterson's informant was hiding. He uses a Sten SMG in combat. He is easily distinguishable from the other British soldiers because of his stand-out maroon beret.


"Hello Lieutenant Patterson, I'm glad to have you along. I'm Master Sergeant Kelso. We need to evacuate this area immediately. Along the way I need to liberate as many of my men as possible. Go go go!"
— Kelso to Jimmy Patterson at the start of Arnhem Knights.


  • There is rank of Master Sergeant in the British Army, the equivalent rank would be Color Sergeant-Major.
  • It is possible to keep Kelso alive for the entire mission, so that he may bid you farewell when you meet Jigs.
  • It's very hard to protect him in the Panzerschreck ruins.
  • If he dies, he will drop a shotgun instead of the Sten.
  • It is somewhat odd that he can be killed despite being a major NPC.
  • He can be killed by enemy fire or a stray grenade or other explosive from the player.
  • In game, he appears to resemble Colonel Frost, a character from the film A Bridge Too Far.

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