Appears in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
Rank Colonel
Affiliations Nazi Germany
Status Alive
Weapon Luger P08
Colonel Kandler is a minor character in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun.


Kandler was a German officer who was part of Commander Masataka Shima's plan for overthrowing the German and Russian governments. He was being driven to the summit Shima was hosting when Sgt. Joseph Griffin and Maj. Phillip Andrew Bromley sabotaged his car with caltrops. Griffin stole his uniform and used it to impersonate Kandler at the summit. Kandler soon woke up, ran to the summit and exposed Griffin. He ran away unharmed and is never seen or mentioned again.


  • When you look at his underwear, you can clearly see a heart pattern on them.
  • The theft of Kandler's uniform, along with discovery of a fraud, is similar to the level, On Track, from Medal of Honor: Frontline, in which a German reveals that Patterson stole his uniform. He too wears boxers with hearts on them.
  • In the secret storyboard, the player steals a German uniform from Wolfgang Schmidt.