Appears in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Rank Private
Affiliations 29thInfantry29th Infantry Division
Status Unknown, presumed alive[1]
Birth Before 1923
Death November 7, 1942
Arzew, Algeria (Possibly)
Sex Male
Weapon Scoped Karabiner 98k

Private Jury was the American soldier 29th Infantry Division which served during World War II during the North African campaign.


Jury was a member of the 29th Infantry Division captured before Operation Torch was initiated, shortly after the 1st Rangers landed near Arzew. He was being interrogated by two members of the Afrika Korps along with an other Allied trooper who was killed for speaking up when he was saved by Lieutenant Mike Powell, and assisted him with his sniping talents as they fought through the port. After they destroyed two Flak 88mm cannons, he stayed behind to protect the area from any other Germans while Powell and Grillo advanced toward the airfield.

While he may have been killed while escaping the fortress or in the aftermath of his escape, he's presumed to be alive and to have survived the ordeal. His fate is unknown.


  • He carries the 29th infantry division signs in spite of the fact that they never I served in Africa, and they weren't in saving mission, that is he is probably a member of this fraction. It can be control as the 29th infantry division and the 2nd battalion of rangers served together on the beach Omaha and have been mixed after landing.
  • His head model would be reused by Italian troops in the Breakthrough expansion pack.


  1. He can die during "The Rescue Mission", but he's needed alive for the medal.