Cpl./Sgt. Joseph "Joe" Griffin is the protagonist of Medal of Honor: Rising Sun.


Joseph was born in Mather, Pennsylvania. He was a star athlete during high school. After graduation, he joined the United States Marine Corps. Joseph was one of the few people worried about growing tensions with Japan and feared that a war may break out. He was scared that his little brother, Donnie, would also enlist. He tried to discourage him but Donnie signed up anyway. Joseph was liked by everybody in his squad.

Pearl Harbor Edit

Philippines Campaign Edit

Battle of Guadalcanal Edit

Singapore Edit

Thailand Edit

Aboard Shima's Carrier Edit

Rescue of POWs Edit


  • Griffin has no voice actor, thus, he is silent throughout the entire game. Shima acknowledges this when he asks "Nothing to say?" after he doesn't respond to Shima's wonder if he has a brother.
  • He has a sister named Mary, who frequently sends him letters from home.
  • He is a usable character in Medal of Honor Rising Sun`s multiplayer mode.
  • In the two-player mode, Griffin has a partner named Geoff Stewart.


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