Joseph Griffin
Joe Griffin RS
Nickname(s) Joe
Appears in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

Medal of Honor: Heroes (mentioned only)

Rank Corporal,


Affiliations OSS, U.S.M.C, Army (briefly), Navy (briefly)
Family Mary Griffin, Donnie Griffin
Nationality Irish-American
Status Alive as of 1945
Weapon Various

Cpl./Sgt. Joseph "Joe" Griffin is the protagonist of Medal of Honor: Rising Sun.


Joseph was born in Mather, Pennsylvania. He was a star athlete during high school. After graduation, he joined the United States Marine Corps. Joseph was one of the few people worried about growing tensions with Japan and feared that a war may break out. He was scared that his little brother, Donnie, would also enlist. He tried to discourage him but Donnie signed up anyway. Joseph was liked by everybody in his squad.

Pearl Harbor Edit

On December 7th, 1941. Griffin was stationed on the battleship: USS California. In early morning he was woken up by the Japanese attack. Griffin was quickly made his way through the ship to get topside. Once topside Gunny gave him a BAR and Griffin joined to the defenders. In one of the torpedo hit, Griffin was threw off deck by the blast. Luckly he was rescued by Gunny,Spinelli and Whitfield in a PT Boat. Griffin manned the dual turrett on the boat and together they successfully fend off the attackers.

Philippines Campaign Edit

After Pearl Harbor Griffin was sent to Calumpis in the Philippines to stop the invading Japanese forces. He was assigned to his brother, Donnie Griffin, and his demolition squad to blow up the Calumpis bridge to stop the Japanese forces. With a M3 Stuart tank Griffin,Donnie and Gunny pushed their way to the church but before they could reach it they came accross with a blockade. Gunny ordered Griffin to find a way around it. Griffin made his way through the streets and the sewers ultimately reaching the church. He signaled the demolition team by using the church bell.

Battle of Guadalcanal Edit

Singapore Edit

Thailand Edit

Aboard Shima's Carrier Edit

Rescue of POWs Edit

After escaping from the Toshikaze, Griffin joined forces with a fellow OSS Operative John Baker and together they started raiding Japanese POW camps scattered all along the Pacific. In one of the camps Griffin was finally able to rescue his lost brother,Donnie, and the two brothers were finally reunited.


  • Griffin has no voice actor, thus, he is silent throughout the entire game. Shima acknowledges this when he asks "Nothing to say?" after Griffin doesn't respond to his question if he has a brother.
  • He has a sister named Mary, who frequently sends him letters from home.
  • He is a usable character in Medal of Honor Rising Sun`s multiplayer mode.
  • In the two-player mode, Griffin has a partner named Geoff Stewart.